17 January 2017

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary 2017 W2 (09-15/01/2017)



Bitcoin Average Exchange Price For The Week



The price per Bitcoin was yet again the biggest news of the week. Just in the opposite way that is was on the first week of 2017. This time around, the price suffered a big dip. So much so, that you can perfectly call it a slam. Taking the price back to pre-rally days. Or to be more precise, to a month back into the past. 

With the high of the week being around $921 on Wednesday 11, And then just going on a free fall on Thursday 12 reaching the low of the week at around $762. Friday 13 saw a bounce to around $830 and yet another pull back to around $790. Saturday 14 got a stronger bounce, as it held this time around. Keeping the price on a ride above $820 and up to around $840. Sunday 15 ended the week with less pullback taking the price below the $820 level. But over all keeping above that level.

The factors affecting the price were all derived around more Fear Uncertainty & Doubt from China. 

What started on the week 1 of 2017 as FUD from China which killed the rally. Ended up becoming monster FUD as meetings of Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges with the PBOC were met with a few grossly misreported articles that classified the meetings as “raids” and “crackdowns” . Which caused all newcomers to get weak hands syndrome and panic sell. Which in turn added tons of nerves to traders which made them to slow down. Something that affected the price even more.

Some of the effects of these meetings with the PBOC could be perceived right away. As one of the big changes that came from it was that Chinese exchanges stopped offering crazy amounts of leverage.  Another effect seemed to have been about they now having to keep fake trading in check. Whether that means the Chinese exchanges are adjusting how they account for trade volume or something else. That is unclear. Nonetheless, Exchange Volume going down during the week in China let a few inquiring traders to see some interesting patterns. With more than one interpreting them as China real exchange Volume being really only about 40%. The evidence to support this cannot be called out as all conclusive, yet one of the points in favor of the theory is that Price per Bitcoin really got slammed when western countries started to panic about badly reported news from China. Instead of tanking immediately as insiders in China got to know about it.



It may not have seen like it. But the second week of 2017 was filled with news. To the point that this BWNS will be all about just News.


Julian Assange read out a block hash from the Bitcoin Blockchain to prove he is alive

In order to finally put a rest to the loud cries of concerned wikileaks supporters. Julian Assange read out some proofs that he is alive while on a video stream used to conduct an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit. One of the proofs, and the coolest one, was of course using The Bitcoin Blockchain. The block called out was #447506.

via Justin Connell at News.Bitcoin.com

Backpage shuts down its Adult section in the USA. Not without loudly calling out censorship and pressure from USA government

One of the things that pretty much created a niche market for Bitcoin when it comes to personal listings. Was without a doubt the fact it is the currency preferred by Backpage once all other kinds of payment processors were forced to drop them. 

This week, they shut down the Adult section. Does this mean the escorts that were using it went to another site? No. It simply meant that the Dating Section got a whole lot grayer.  Because as everyone knows. Markets just don’t die if there is a demand for them.

So far, the only change was in optics and process.

To read more on the details, check out the news report.

Via CBCNews/ Reuters

A Report estimated that 10 Million people hold some amount of Bitcoin

The report was a joint effort by ARK Invest and Coinbase. While it cannot be proved as certain enough. It makes for good speculation and headlines. The main giveaway is that according to this report. Most people just hold Bitcoin as an alternative store of value than use it as currency. This only really actually states that the argument of Bitcoin being a store of value could now be considered no brainer in both practice and theory. This does not negates that Bitcoin is still a currency too. Among other things.  It just shows that Bitcoin being considered a store of value, or in other terms being perceived as a commodity is one of the most prevalent notions.

Via Kyle Torpey at Coinjournal

Bitcoin will not be banned in Russia. It is now perceived as a private currency

Is the central takeaway out of news from Russia’s Central Bank and Federal Financial Monitoring Service. Another reason on why the band will not be made is simply because it is quite hard to do effectively and without bringing a lot more attention to it.  In Russia, something getting banned is almost like advertising it. So, am not surprised Russian Authorities have now realized that.

Via Samburaj Das at Cryptocoinnews

Pantera Capital has a new $25M USD VC Fund. Will invest in Brave Browser and Abra

Previous investments from Pantera Capital have been Bitstamp and Xapo. Which so far proved to be good call. Another investment in the Bitcoin space was the now defunct ChangeTip. Which as far as I know, they lost money on. Investing in Brave Browser can almost be seen as a replacement investment to the one they did in ChangeTip. Since the goals of the startups are similar in their use of Bitcoin. Both Brave Browser and Abra are far riskier investments than Bitstamp and Xapo, that is for sure. But if they were to work out, they got some really good reputation cache and a decent possible return.

Other Pantera Capital investments in the Bitcoin & Blockchain Spaces have been the provenance geared startup Chronicled. And the now only partly Bitcoin related fintech startup Circle.  Regardless of how things go for Pantera Capital is still a very positive thing they are investing in the Bitcoin Space in one way or another.

Via Antonio Madeira at Bitcoinist

Blockchain.info got a new logo. It is OK.

Some people hated it. Other liked it. Most are quite Meh about it.  In my case. I don’t can even decide.  The only thing I am sure of it is that it reminds me of the Delicious Bookmarks logo. One thing that can be said is that it is good it is at least OK. After all Blockchain.info is still the #1 Bitcoin Wallet in terms of registered users.  This has been BC.info fifth Logo.




Via Blockchain.info Blog

In January 12th of 2009, The late Hal Finney was the first recipient of Bitcoins in what was the very first public Bitcoin Blockchain transaction.

Hal Finney died of ALS in August 28 of 2014 and was then put into a cryopreservation state. He can be seen as the founding co-developer of the first working versions of both PGP and Bitcoin. His input no doubt was essential in getting Bitcoin off the ground to a good start.

Further reading

Jonas Schnelli, Bitcoin Core Developer and Co-founder of the Digital Bitbox Bitcoin Hardware Wallet, tweeted about just how much development was done on Bitcoin Core in 2016.

Needless to say, a whole lot.

Google Searches of Bitcoin reached an all time high on India

In terms of Bitcoin awareness, there is no doubt that it has increased a lot in India. Google Searches Trends, while not something to be taken too seriously. It is still a positive indicator.

via Andrew Quentson at Cryptocoinnews

Anthony Murgio pleaded guilty to operating an illegal Bitcoin exchange

The Bitcoin exchange in question being Coin.mx. Which at one point was well known in the Bitcoin Space.

Charges on the illegal activity tied him to Money Laundering and facilitating fraud. But this is just tip of the icerberg when it comes to his story. Click on to read more on what is quite an interesting read.

Via Lester Coleman at Cryptocoinnews

21 Inc CEO Balaji Srinivasan met with Donald Trump as one of the two contenders to lead USA’s Food & Drugs Administration

Not that surprising once you learn Balaji background in the Medicine Industry previous to his Bitcoin venture.

As an interesting note for Bitcoiners. If he were to form part of the USA government under Donald Trump. This would be the third person in the Trump Administration with a few links to Bitcoin.

Via Joseph Young at CCN

An Alpha release of The Lightning Network Daemon became available

Another milestone in the development progress of LN was achieved making it now easy for interested developers to test it.

There are lot of important details about it if you are interested

Via The Lightning Network Community Blog 

BitX rebranded to Luno. Because they say they want to help Bitcoin reach the moon

Only thing verifiably true about that statement at the time of this news is that Luno does mean moon in Esperanto.

BitX, now Luno is a well known South African Bitcoin Exchange. One you get to meet again. So far with they saying is all regular business as usual and they are all about Bitcoin.  With the excuse for the rebrand being that they don’t want to be seen as just an exchange and also all being due to timing as they are now looking to expand to the European market.

Eh, another week, another Bitcoin Startup rebrand.  Or at least that how 2017 feels so far.

Via the BitX, I mean Luno Blog

Bitcoin Merchant Adoption in Japan has grown at least 4X since one year

This according to a recent Survey. Putting the total amount of shops that accept Bitcoin to 4,200 shops.

However, it is unclear how these shops are being counted. That said, I think the premise of the news of a 4X+ jump in Bitcoin Adoption compared to one year ago is no doubt highly plausible. Specially since Japan now has two solid Bitcoin Exchanges in Coincheck and Bitflyer. And has even saw the appearance of a small Bitcoin Themed reality TV show there among several other news. 2016 was very clearly the year Bitcoin got traction in Japan again.  It looks like 2017 at the very least will keep things moving forward in a upwards trajectory.

Via Olesegun Ogundeji at Cointelegraph

How Chinese is Bitcoin? – Part 1: Trade Volume

Is the question that Neil Woodfine, who also happens to be Bitcoin Beijing Meetup organizer wants to answer. Starting by looking at Trade Volume.  Very recommended read as this also serves as an explainer on this week news explained in what happened when it came to the price per Bitcoin.

Via Blockunchained.



That’s all for this week.

09 January 2017

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary 2017 W1 (01-08/01/2017)


BWNS is back! Thanks to those that have helped to bring it back.


Bitcoin Average Exchange Price For The Week


The price per Bitcoin was no doubt the main news event for the first week of 2017. With it starting out on a dramatic rally from the day 1.

With a high of $967 USD on Sunday of January 1st that then went on to be an almost 5 days streak that took it to a high of $1154 on Thursday 5. But it also then saw it have a hard correction, which you can categorize as a dive, that brought it back to around where the rally started with a low of $959 and a high of $1033 on Friday 6. That almost signaled the price level could reach back to the high of the week. But this was not to be and instead it took another dive to the bottom of the week on Saturday 7 at a low of $831. All in all the first week of 2017 ended with a recover from that bottom to a respectable high of  $940 on Sunday 8.

With the factors affecting the price so wildly being many. You can only really call on the ones that made the price drop. Those in question being among other things: 1.- Profit taking from people that had bought high as far back as December 2013, 2.- Coinbase having issues where they said they could just not keep with the traffic demand on their domain, 3.- BTC-e reportedly having some issues where some users could just not log in or could not execute their trades if they happened to be logged in; 4.- Communication from China’s Government calling out Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges that was badly translated or maliciously interpreted which quickly turned into spooky FUD that gave traders in China pause and made traders not on China somewhat nervous. 5.- Chinese Yuan Stopping its devaluation path for a few days and instead gaining back some ground. With all of that killing the uptrend in the Bitcoin Average Exchange Price.

Having said all this, it is good to put in perspective that even if the price ended up below $1000. Price levels are still around what they were just weeks or so ago.

When it comes to other price specific news: There were a few like:

- All Time High in Euros

- All Time High in Yuan

- Bitcoin MC/NSM for a few brief moments reached $19 Billion USD.



The European Parliament and The Council of the European Union proposed amending a directive related to money laundering and terrorism financing to include in Cryptocurrencies.

To what I only ask: Is anyone surprised of this?

via Lester Coleman at Cryptocoinnews

Bitpagos raised $1.9M USD out an intended $2.3M USD mark via Angelist. Rebrands as Ripio

The plan being to further span across Latin America and even aim to enter into Mexico.

When asked about the rebrand, the reason given was that they wanted a brand that fit with their desire to offer many services to all kinds of users and not just B2B payment processing for Merchants.  This answer being important since in the Bitcoin space rebrands during 2016 got associated with either the startup pivoting off being a Bitcoin Startup into a more run of the mill Fintech startup or integrating altcoins.

Right now all pointing out to just an understandable rebrand instead. While continuing to have Bitcoin as its core focus.

via Stan Higgins at Coindesk

Microsoft will add Bitcoin support to Excel 2017 in a future Office 365 update

Also fully describing Bitcoin as Currency, the upcoming 2017 update will allow Excel to be able to recognize, format, calculate and analyze numbers expressed in Bitcoin currency. The new feature will be available for Excel running under Windows 10, Android, Mac OS and iOS, and will include Excel Mobile versions as well. This as stated by Martin Butler, an Account Executive at Microsoft. While this news stems from 22 of December post. It was not until this week that the news caught up attention.

via Martin Butler from a LinkedIn Pulse Post

Bitcoin banned in Colombia?

In my opinion, it is unclear that’s the case. Likely it is not so officially as that would need to be explicitly stated as so by the Bank of Colombia or a high rank government official. What can be argued is that it just became a grayer currency in Colombia. All because of scams perpetrated that used Bitcoin as part of pyramidal scams called “investments clubs’' that have brought the attention of the Colombian Government. Which only stated as much as saying that the only legal tender in Colombia is the Colombian Peso. 

via Evander Smart at Bitconnect.co

Jeffrey K Berns Files Second Motion to Oppose IRS Investigating Coinbase Users

In the news saga that is Coinbase vs the IRS desire to get all of Coinbase’s USA based users data for 3 years in Bulk without any regards of privacy in one go. It is now known that Coinbase is fighting it. But there is a USA based Coinbase user fighting the IRS on it on his own. Normally that would be quite a risky thing to do. But in Jeffrey K Berns it is not just the right to do. But also kind of what he does anyway. Since he happens to be a Well leveled Lawyer fond on fighting branches of the USA government in court. However, it is clear it helps a lot if he happens to be clearly in the right like it is in this case. So much so, that his first motion drew a direct response from the IRS which pretty much exempted him from the whole deal with Coinbase. Jeffrey Berns now argues that his point was not to save himself, but to not let the IRS be unfair. Meaning he will continue to fight them on. While there is no clear sign he can win. It is a commendable stand to take from him. Let’s hope it helps out.

Via JP Buntix at The Merkle

Bitcoin turned 8 Years Old

As of January 3 of 2017, The Bitcoin Network got to 8 years of running non-stop for everyone and everywhere.

8years by CryptoGraphitti


PBOC statement that was taken out of context, turned in to FUD and helped kill Bitcoin Average Exchange Price fast uptrend during the week resulted in much ado to nothing

The only clear things that the People’s Bank Of China said were: 1.- that Bitcoin is no legal tender in China, 2.- Bitcoin is volatile, 3.- Chinese exchanges must have strong  KYC/AML practices; 4.- Chinese Exchanges should not fake volume. 

Via JP Buntix at The Merkle

A new Bitcoin focused documentary movie by Gravitas Ventures called Banking on Bitcoin debuted on iTunes and Vudu.

I have now watched it. It is good enough for all kind of Bitcoiners. Really good for those that aren’t just like it is the case with past Bitcoin focused Documentaries. It basically recalls Bitcoin History while mostly trawling around late 2013 to late 2015. Done in a similar way to how it was done by The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.  It almost works as an unintended sequel of sorts.

The movie will also be available later on Google Play and Amazon Video.


Link: Banking on Bitcoin

Brian Armstrong now wants SegWit to be activated. Finally clarifying his position on the matter

As the CEO of Coinbase. Brian Armstrong opinion on everything Bitcoin carries public perception weight whether anyone likes it or not.

It now appears that after Charlie Lee has been advocating for the activation of SegWit on Twitter all week. Brian Armstrong has felt confident enough to declare his support for the idea.

/r/Bitcoin reached 200,000 subscribed members.

Around the same time one of the posts in /r/Bitcoin reached up /all/ and The Reddit frontpage. Making it so that /r/Bitcoin at one point had over 7000 people logged at the same time into the subreddit. Probably also a new record.



Bitcoin Adoption Accelerating In Mexico?

I say yes and so does Bitso, which is now apparently the #1 Bitcoin Exchange in Mexico. Localbitcoins and paxful usage in Mexico has also grown and in general there are now more ways to use Bitcoin in Mexico. Some do require bridging services though.

It does makes sense for Bitcoin usage in Mexico to be growing faster. Specially now that everyone in Mexico has the burden of some really harsh mandated price increases without clear reason and transparent disregard for most Mexicans well being. Which happens to be the case of the sudden 20% price increase in GAS that came in effect on January 1st of 2017. One that will assure inflation for the year on most goods, many services and transport to also go over 20%. Add to that that some Mexicans in the USA are always looking for better remittance options. Bitcoin usage in Mexico increasing is a sensible development.

via Luke Parker at BraveNewCoin.

ValueShuffle : A new way to mix Bitcoins and hide the amounts involved in the process.

Interesting first look at all about it by Aaron van Wirdum at Bitcoin Magazine

LocalBitcoins volume grew 85% during 2016, Why is that important

As reported from coin.dance numbers.

Is the case that Kyle Torpey makes over at News.Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin usage is growing on Indonesia

This according to Indonesia’s biggest Bitcoin Exchange.

via Kevin Helms at News.Bitcoin.com

Novelties & Humor



Back in 2013 when the price per Bitcoin first reached $100 USD. I started posting excited cat photos with the price highlights.  Something I have kept going when I feel it makes sense to do so. I call them BAEP Cats.  When Bitcoin got up to $1000 and $1100 again. I released new BAEP Cats for those two occasions. Here they are:



Bitflyer did a series of Bitcoin Video Ads and put one on Yahoo Japan Homepage.


I liked them. Here is one:


LineRider Bitcoin Technical Analysis


Seems legit.

During the BAEP rally this week. /r/Bitcoin got a bit out of control.

ThePiachu, one of /r/Bitcoin Admins highlighted the madness by…posting this photo to /r/Bitcoin. I mean, makes sense right?



That is all for this week.


08 July 2014

SysTools EDB to PST Converter

Avatar X Note: This post was submitted to Appatic and written by James Smith and should be considered an Info Post more or less. I only edited it.


EDB to PST Converter is a solution to move Exchange mailboxes and public folder data into Outlook PST. Meant for Windows OS platform;the tool process conversion on dismounted, password protected, and corrupt EDB file. The solution is a creation of SysTools Group that is known for its famed services in email migration and data recovery domain.

This particular product extracts data from user-mailboxes and shared data in public folders into PST that gives variety of benefits of administrators like relocating mailboxes, archiving, handling downtime, accessing data inside network and much more. The tool works on minimum system requisites and can perform conversion on multiple PST files at once.

Qualities Of the Software

The tool gives the benefit of converting pub.edb and priv.edb file into MS Outlook PST file.

Mailboxes of any size can be migrated into PST as resultant Outlook file is Unicode formatted.

Password protected, corrupt, and dismounted EDB file can be converted into Outlook PST.

EDB file contents emails, attachments, etc. can be previewed under software interface.

Selective items, mailboxes, and folders can be exported from Exchange EDB file to PST.

This tool to convert EDB to PST gives optional facility to ignore System Folders from export.

Split PST option is available in tool to divide large sized mailboxes into section (1 to 45 GB).

For users of lower Exchange edition, the option to select and export STM file is included.





Evaluation and Investment:

Software Analysis: For product evaluation, its developers offers free trial version. The freeware works perfectly well to analyze the software and get an idea of if the product is suitable to fix the problem. It has scanning and exporting options activated but only first 25 items from every folder of EDB file will be converted into PST file.

Purchase Process: The tool is available in four different licenses: Personal, Corporate, Technician, and Enterprise. This categorization of licenses is definitely an advantage if the product has to be invested for single user or for multiple users, or for multiple users in different geographical area.

There are three gateways provided by the company to make payment for the product: FastSpring, PayPal, and 2Checkout. Activation key of the product will be provided on email address that is mentioned while filling form for payment making.

Positive Points: 

  • Speed of the tool is something that is absolutely appreciable. Along with this, there is precision in output; be it mentioning about the HTML formatting, metadata of email, folder mapping, or retaining data.
  • If stuck while performing EDB to PST conversion, contact to technical support department can be made. This service is available 24/7 and is absolutely free.
  • There is 30 days money back guarantee if the product fails to work as promised. However, there are certain terms and conditions of the company for its refund policy. Go through them thoroughly.
  • EDB file of any size can be converted into Outlook PST file. Most importantly, there is support to pub.edb to PST conversion available which is hardly provided by Microsoft native solutions.
  • Software ability to work on corrupt and dismounted EDB file makes it an EDB to PST recovery solution. This quality of the tool helps users to extract data when the offline database file of Exchange is damaged or is inconsistent.

Scope of Improvement:

  • The software recovers data from EDB file if it is dismounted from Server. Its inability to extract data from an online EDB file is a drawback that might halter working of organization when live EDB to PST conversion is the call.
  • The refund policy of the company has lots of terms and conditions that a user might not read before purchasing. Less T&C would make it more clear for the users.
  • There is no option in the tool for recovering deleted data even if it lies under retention period. Deleted data recovery option is un-supported which is a pull back in the tool.


Although there are different native solutions offered by Microsoft to export mailboxes into PST file, still third party tools give a user to invest in them. SysTools EDB to PST Converter is a powerful solution for the basic functioning of moving mailboxes into Outlook PST file.

The plus point of the tool is its accuracy in output with minimum time investment. Also, its price is reasonable as compared to other EDB to PST conversion tools (this could be because of concentration of tool more on just converting EDB to PST).

If some improvement is made in the product, it could be the best EDB to PST file conversion tool in the market. Although there are number of plus points in the tool but progress is needed.

EDB to PST Converter works on all versions of Windows. From XP SP3 to Windows 8.1-U1 and got a Freemium scheme to it.


EDB to PST Converter


19 February 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 10 To The 16 Of February 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

This BWNS edition counted with the sponsorship of www.Azte.co. Azteco is the easiest way to get Bitcoin  as you only need a 16-digits voucher code you can then redeem at the Azteco website in just 1 minute. Simple as it gets. If you are a Bitcoin Accepting Retail Business, we want you to take a look at being an Azteco Voucher Vendor and start earning some extra Bitcoin Income.

The Feel Of The Week

Last week (3-9) was a bad one for Bitcoin. But this one (10-16) was a bad and stressful one. It felt like pure stress. All thanks to the Fear,Uncertainty and Doubt being spread around starting with Mt.Gox itself and then to the rest of the inane and hyperbolic news coverage that followed. Which in turn caused and anger and frustration in the more seasoned heads of the Bitcoin Scene. Fortunately what felt clear by the end was that the worst has passed and that there was benefits to what will be learned from it. Of course not everything was bad and there were actually some very good news. Even if they were somewhat overshadowed.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at $690 and dropped to $620 with Mt.Gox announcement blaming a bug in the Bitcoin Protocol. It rebounded as people started buying from those panic selling to$704. Then it went down to the lowest point at $574 once Bitstamp and BTC-E suspended operations to check their own Bitcoin Implementations and avoid the Transaction Malleability problem. Then again came those buying out the Bitcoins from panic sellers making it to rebound to $671. Later on the rest of the week as nerves and effects continued on the Transaction Malleability issue the BAEP ended up floating between $640-$650.


*NOTE* : This week BAEP price chart and quick recount does not contemplates in Mt.Gox no more as it is not applicable once it stopped being relevant to the price since it remained isolated and was no longer operation as an exchange in any away, given neither FIAT currency or Bitcoin could be withdrawn.

> Mt.Gox released a statement blaming Bitcoin for they having to stop Bitcoin Withdrawals. Saying that it was because of a bug called Transaction Malleability. The problem with this of course is that such bug don’t has an effect on the Bitcoin Network or its reliability but only was a threat to the not up to date Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Exchange implementations. Meaning the fault lies on the entities holding bitcoin. Not Bitcoin itself.

This slanderous statement from Mt.Gox caused further panic selling on those trapped within Mt.Gox and outside of it because of the News Coverage that followed it.  As I had last week. Outside of Mt.Gox the effect of all this drama were anything  more that a nuisance. Even if the crashing of the Bitcoin Exchange Price on Mt.Gox caused the BAEP to no longer being inflated by previously 15% higher Mt.Gox prices. Which for months have been caused by the fact that Fiat Currency withdrawals from Mt.Gox were just not possible as they take months.

But as Mt.Gox was no longer operational during this week and nerves about the chance of Mt.gox having lost funds of those inside or that they were hiding something spread. So did the desperation of those with Bitcoins or Fiat Money trapped inside Mt.Gox. Which caused a dramatic crash on Mt.Gox price. With those with trapped funds willing to sell to others also trapped but with more confidence or financial fortitude for 50%-60% off the pre-freeze. This in turn and considering that Mt.Gox was effectively no longer an operational exchange led to BitcoinAverage, CoinDesk, Cryptocoincharts and eToro among others to drop Mt.Gox from their weighted Bitcoin price indexes.

Since this story followed during all the week. With it not starting and not ending this week. Things got weirder and tempers trembled on the brink of losing control. The reasons were many, but 3 were the more note worthy:

1.- Mt.Gox usual poor and insufficient way to communicate.

2.- Mt.Gox trying to blame Bitcoin itself and not accepting any guilt whatsoever.

3.- Speculation that it would not be farfetched Mt.Gox saw this bug in their Bitcoin Implementation as the perfect opportunity to manufacture a big crisis out of a small one that would cause their own Bitcoin Prices to collapse in order for they to buy low and sell high later. And at the same time retaining  a high volume of people in their exchange from who they could continue to extract fees from as long as possible.

> After Mt.Gox released their statement blaming Bitcoin itself, there were many reactions but  the ones from Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik and Andreas Antonopoulos are specially relevant:

> Inspired by last week (3-9) story of the Redditor that flew to Japan previous to t.Gox Friday Freeze and got some answers from Mt.Gox. Aaron Gutman decided to do the same and protest outside Mt.Gox offices while recording important events. One of the important events being his first encounter with Mark Karpeles which he got on Video.


> Finally, because of Mark Karpeles behavior with this last bad note from Mt.Gox. Many have called for he to resign from The Bitcoin Foundation Board. Someone even made that a change.org petition. I do happen to agree with the sentiment that he should resign. Even if such gesture would be symbolic in the end. However, as that would mean Karpeles accepting fault. Many don’t see that happening as of right now. Among those wanting Karpeles to step down was Charlie Shrem who did stepped down after his release on bail after being arrested on alledged Money Laundering Charges.

> Vitalik Buterin from Bitcoin Magazine posted one of the best explanations on the Transaction Malleability Issue while adding Mt.Gox to the context of it.

SOURCE: http://bitcoinmagazine.com/10093/transaction-malleability-mtgoxs-latest-woes/

> Microsoft added support for Bitcoin Conversion to Bing Search. So now you can do a search for  1 BTC to USD or other dozens of currencies and you will get the current exchange price. This was done via a Coinbase API integration. This makes Bing the third to support Bitcoin conversion on search. The first was DuckDuckGo and the second was Yandex.

SOURCE: http://blog.coinbase.com/post/76234094435/microsoft-bing-and-coinbase-make-real-time-bitcoin

> Starting the week something weird happened at BTC-e that so far I have to see explained in a verifiable manner. Someone sold Bitcoin at $100 causing this graph of a split-second crash:


The possible reasons so far: 1.- Glitch in someone’s custom trading software or 2.- Someone selling stolen Bitcoins in a flash. I honestly think that it was more likely reason 1. Making this Software Glitch probably the most expensive one yet for a Bitcoin Trader.

> Bitcoin Won A Crunchie For Best Technology Achievement

SOURCE: Bitcoin Wins Best Technology Achievement But Satoshi Doesn’t Show TechCrunch

> Coingig.com put a Announcement Banner stating they would be shutting down. Nothing specific has been said on the why. 

SOURCE: www.Coingig.com


> A Bill was introduced in California, USA that could make Bitcoin officially legal if ratified.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/bill-cryptocurrencies-legal-california/

> Australian Authorities Stated They Will Set Tax Guidelines For Bitcoin This Year.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/australia-official-tax-guidelines-bitcoin-this-year/

> Thailand clarified that Bitcoin is not illegal. Allowing Thailand’s largest Bitcoin exchange to resume operations.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/thailands-exchange-bitcoin-legal/

> An OS X focused Bitcoin Stealing Malware called was identified and reported.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/trojan-horse-variants-mac-os-x-login-credentials-bitcoins/

> Fivver started accepting Bitcoin. Fivver is a popular marketplace for tasks or services you can get for $5 USD.



> Bitpay released Bitcore.io, An open source Javascript library to accelerate development of Bitcoin related services, apps and tools.

SOURCES: bitcore.io


> Coinbase announced BitHack, A Bitcoin Hackathon with $18,000 USD worth of Bitcoin in prices. Best of all? Anyone in the world can participate.

SOURCE: www.bithackathon.com

> Ukraine Central Bank demanded that Bitcoin Businesses operating in the country to register with the government as so.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/ukraine-central-bank-registration-of-bitcoin-businesses/

> According to an online shopping related survey, 57% of Brits are aware about Bitcoin. There is other interesting data on the linked article too.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/most-brits-aware-bitcoin/

> Lithuania issued a warning on Bitcoin. The usual as seen in other countries.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/russia-lithuania-europe-bitcoin-regulation/

> Glyde started accepting Bitcoin. Glyde is a marketplace where you can sell your electronics, games and gadgets. Now you can sell them and get paid for them in Bitcoin if you want.

SOURCE: Glyde- Simply buy and sell your games, iPads, iPhones and more

> Revel Systems added Bitcoin Support for their iPad based POS via Coinbase.

LINKS: http://revelsystems.com/


> Overstock announced they will launch a 1% rewards program scheme in Club O Dollars.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/overstock-launch-new-rewards-program-bitcoin-buyers/

> BitTradeAustralia announced the 3 winners of their Bitcoin Essay Competition that had 12 Bitcoins in prizes. With the first place getting a whooping 7 Bitcoins.

SOURCE: https://www.btradeaustralia.com/about/essay-competition/

> Silk Road 2 lost 2.6 Million Dollars worth of Bitcoin in an alleged hack. With everyone believing that it is an inside job. So far Admins say they will pay it back by cutting affected vendors fees until repaid.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/silk-road-2-loses-bitcoins-hack/

> Porn.com Stated that 10% of their premium account sales are now in Bitcoin.

> Bank of Greece issued a Bitcoin warning. Same like from other past ones in other countries.

> A  MIT Technology Report seems to dispel the myth that Bitcoins only get hoarded as it found that are more like to be spent.

SOURCE: http://www.technologyreview.com/graphiti/524796/show-me-the-bitcoins/

> Another of this week new stories that caused some FUD were a series of Bad Dust Transactions that pretty much seems everyone received from the Bitcoin addresses starting with 1enjoy and 1sochi.  Included myself in one of my Coinbase Accounts. Some did a study on them and only found them be spam. But the theory that they could have been tracking beacons was something that even I considered. Until they of course didn’t confirmed. Until now no one knows exactly who or why they were done. But the only thing more than one agrees is that don’t seem to have anything to do with the DDOS attacks on Bitcoin Exchanges or the Transaction Malleability Issue attacks.

> After receiving a Bad Dust Transaction on one of my Coinbase accounts I thought it a good idea to ask Coinbase support on what they were going to do about it. They told me that the Coinbase Dev Team was already working on a fix to that. 24hrs later the bad dust transaction was gone from my account. I don’t know that was the case for everyone on Coinbase that had received a Bad Dust Transaction or not. But just so you know.


> Stripe CEO Tweeted on Bitcoin at the same time a rumor that Stripe is looking to enter the Bitcoin Payment Processor game is going around. Coincidence or COINcidence?

> Bitcoin Went Country Music with the Song called “Ode To Satoshi” by John Barrett.

The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

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11 February 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 3 To The 9 Of February 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

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The Feel Of The Week

Bad Weeks are not the common fare in Bitcoin. But the week summarized in this BWNS edition sure was. Full of bad news and imposed bad news thanks to the way Bitcoin News are now covered in Mainstream Press and Media.  It not all bad since there were still good news as the week started very well. But looking back it sure felt like a rough week given all the drama it had. 

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at $834 and stood over $820 until February 6 when the whole Apple and Russia ordeals took place. This took the BAEP down to $794. February 7 came and then the Mt.Gox Friday Freeze happened. This made the BAEP to dive to a week low of $694. On February  8 the markets saw a buzz of Bitcoin Traders grabbing al the Panic Sellers Bitcoin taking the BAEP to $740, but Sunday arrived and we ended the week on $700.


> USPS research on extra revenue streams took them to take a look at Bitcoin. While the original report is from January 31, it really only buzzed into it being covered around until February 3. Which is why it appears here. The idea of the USPS seems like a far fetched one since it would instantly cause a boom to Bitcoin in both price and adoption in a scale never seen yet. But it is not really as far fetched when you realize it would be the most effective way for the USA government to fully regulate Bitcoin on a federal level. It is really one of the most forward thinking ideas so far looking into Bitcoin coming from a Government Funded Institution. It really intrigued me and I would dare say it also intrigued most of the Bitcoin Scene. Not just those living in the USA.

SOURCE:  http://go.bloomberg.com/political-capital/2014-01-31/can-bitcoin-save-the-postal-service/

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/us-postal-service-bitcoin-exchanges/ 

> CheapAir.com started accepting Bitcoin for booking hotels too. Before that they already accepted Bitcoin for booking Plane Tickets. But now it also accepts it for Hotel Rooms. Making it possible to pay for a room in 200,000 Hotels around the world.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/book-hotel-bitcoin-cheapair-com/

> The Wall Street Journal added a Bitcoin News Section. They called it BitBeat.  Goes to show just how mainstream Bitcoin News Coverage has become.

SOURCE: http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/02/03/bitbeat-your-daily-bitcoin-round-up/

> Nymi, A company that will launch a  Biometric Authenticator Wrist Gadget announced that one of the apps for their Wearable will be a Bitcoin Wallet.

SOURCE: http://www.getnymi.com/

LINK: http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/04/nymi-bitcoin/

> Russia Prosecutor General Office issues ruling on Digital Currencies being illegal based on Russia Article 27 of their federal law. Which was the basis for Russia past Warning on Bitcoin.  However this new ruling does not mean full clarity in just how illegal Digital Currencies supposedly are. And with that I mean how does actual prosecution looks for it or how enforceable it actually is beyond generic measures at banks and obviously any Russia based Bitcoin Exchange and big commercial entities.

What I mean is that the whole thing is still in motion and unclear. Bringing back memories of what happened when Thailand Banned Bitcoin, but not really. Or when China did so for banks and exchanges. The only thing clear about Russia’s ruling is that they are pushing Bitcoin to their gray and black markets for the moment. But given this is Russia we are talking about. Many everyday things are based in the gray and black markets. So, I would not declare Bitcoin dead at all on Russia. I will only concede it got complicated.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/russian-prosecutor-bitcoin-cryptocurrencies/

>CoinMap.org reached 3000 listed places accepting bitcoin. Worth to note that it still only represents a fraction of the places accepting Bitcoin around the world. That in my own napkin map based on just how many registered merchants there are on the top 3 Bitcoin Payment Processors must be well over 10,000 places. That number in turn does only represent on a fraction of all merchants accepting Bitcoin considering that on the Top 3 Bitcoin Payment Processor there are already over 50,000 registered merchants.

SOURCE: www.Coinmap.org

> Thanks to the MyBus 2.0 Canberra App. You can now pay for the bus fare with Bitcoin if you happen to live in Canberra, Australia.

SOURCE: http://imagineteamsolutions.com/app/mybus-2-0/

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/canberra-commuters-bus-bitcoin/

> Kazakhstan Central Bank Governor was reported to be thinking in Banning. Doubtful they will be able to do so, other than saying it is banned. Clearly a reaction to Russia recently more publicized stance on Bitcoin.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/kazakhstans-central-bank-ban-bitcoin-protect-bankers/

> Scan, A Notable Electronics UK Retailer started accepting Bitcoin. You can think of it as similar to TigerDirect and Newegg.


> CoinTerra had a Security Breach and had to withstand several attacks to their site. This after the previous week when they disappointed everyone by not shipping but one unit and announcing their 2 TeraHash Mining Hardware would only be able to do 1.4 Terahashes.

SOURCE: http://cointerra.com/information-update-cointerra-com-security-breach/

> Malwarebytes, The Anti-Malware Software Provider started accepting Bitcoin for their premium products.

SOURCE: http://blog.malwarebytes.org/news/2014/02/malwarebytes-now-accepts-bitcoins/

> Perseus Telecom, a heavy-bandwidth telecommunications provider started accepting Bitcoin by partnering with GoCoin.

LINK: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/high-speed-link-provider-perseus-to-accept-bitcoin-2014-02-06?link=MW_latest_news

> HighKart, an Online E-Commerce retailer debuted as the first one in India to accept only Bitcoin as method of payment.

LINK: http://www.dnaindia.com/money/interview-india-s-first-e-commerce-store-to-accept-bitcoin-only-as-a-payment-method-1959468

> Coinbase suffered a series of thefts reported during the week that amounted to 40 Bitcoins. The thefts targeted accounts that had enabled the Coinbase API Key or by phishing campaigns.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/hackers-coinbase-bitcoin-thefts/

> Coinbase overhauled the API Key Management. Making it granular and allowing for improved security. This will finally allow for Coinbase Users – Myself included – to finally be able to use Third-party Coinbase apps without any fear. Thing that previous to this Coinbase update was just too dangerous.

SOURCE: More security and granular control with the new API keys

> Indonesia Central Bank took a more neutral stance to Bitcoin. Basically it is hand-off approach with the usual warnings to users.

SOURCE: http://www.bi.go.id/id/ruang-media/siaran-pers/Pages/sp_160614.aspx

LINK:  http://www.coindesk.com/indonesia-central-bank-takes-new-more-neutral-stance-bitcoin/

> Two LocalBitcoins.com users were arrested on Money Laundering Charges in Florida. This however does not mean you will be arrested if you are making  large transactions on LocalBitcoins in the USA. The key element is these users completing transactions over $10,000 USD for Bitcoin or the other way around when they had previous knowledge the money or the Bitcoin came from criminal activity or it is going to be used for criminal activity. In the case of those arrested, the undercover agents previous to meeting had stated they wanted the Bitcoin to commit a crime or that the money they were going to receive came from a crime. Since that is what determines criminal intent and makes the case for them. So, Bitcoin Transactions are not illegal. What is illegal AND fully enforced with process prosecution is doing big money amount transactions that have criminal intent on them. Obvious I thought. But it seems some were confused on this.

LINK: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/02/florida-targets-high-dollar-bitcoin-exchangers/

> Butterfly Labs faces a new lawsuit for a $62,000 USD order that was never delivered. Almost not news at this point. But the baffling perspective from BFL on why it is somehow not their fault but the customer fault is the reason why it is worth highlighting. To read more on it, check the link.

LINK: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/02/new-lawsuit-against-bitcoin-miner-manufacturer-alleges-fraud-negligence/

> The BitcoinWallet.com domain got sold for an insane $250,000 USD.  Overpriced given it is two words and eleven characters in total. Since I did ventured in Domain Selling in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I would said based on the recent publicized sale of several two word domains. $100,000 USD would had been a more fair price for it in current markets. Even if High Potential .com Domains is a game that in 2014 is only worth it if you are fully building the brand based on the domain name or in reflection to the domain name. Owning BitcoinWallet.com really only makes sense if you do are going to make a Online Bitcoin Wallet since the domain name is too specific and too self-explanatory. The problem here is unless you are ready to invest dozens of millions of dollars to compete with Coinbase and blockchain.info there is no real reason to own it that will give you a return for what you paid for it. But hey, there is no doubt it is a cool domain.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/inc-5000-entrepreneur-buys-bitcoinwallet-com-domain-for-250k/

> Apple Removed Blockchain.info Bitcoin Wallet App from iOS App Store. Leaving iOS users without any option of Bitcoin Wallet App unless they Jailbreak their device.

What that action caused was one of the biggest Bitcoin News Stories of the week.

First there was the reaction from Blockchain.info

Blockchain’s Response to Apple

That explained how Apple didn’t gave a reason on why the removal after the app had been around for 2 years. With the possible explanations being that Apple does not get a cut of that, that Apple is going to release their payment system and does not want Bitcoin around or that Apple just loves to be a jerk. All 3 valid explanations, really.

Blockchain.info response was covered in several dozens of blogs and news sites in several languages. Many blogs also had a critical stance to Apple.

After that came the reactions from big players in the Bitcoin Space in the USA criticizing Apple and even from Mark Cuban.

Then, then came Reddit’s Bitcoin SubReddit reaction which was swift and flashy.Round-Peg, Redditor and Bitcoiner  declared a challenge and a contest of sorts. He would give a Google Nexus 5 to 5 iPhone owners and Bitcoin users that smashed their devices on video and stated they were against Apple for their move against Bitcoin.  5 videos followed fast and there was even an extra video who managed to also get the Nexus 5 thanks to the spectacular fashion he was going to smash his iPhone: With High-Caliber Bullets.


Round-Peg’s Bitcoin Sponsored iPhone Destruction paid off as the videos were also covered in dozens of blogs and news sites. From sources as mainstream as the CNN website.

Finally came the mocking of Apple via reinterpretations of famous Apple Ads. The ones famous for stating just how much of a rebel, different and user conscious Apple was. The operative word being WAS.  Even if in reality Apple has never being any of that. But, well, that is another subject.

> Mt.Gox halted Fiat-currency and Bitcoin Withdrawls without giving much explanation to why and leaving everyone in a state of doubt. This in turn caused a drop in the Bitcoin Average Exchange Price as Mt.Gox had for a long time had an anywhere from 10% to 15% higher price than other exchanges. With the BAEP drop being correspondent to that difference.

SOURCE: https://www.mtgox.com/press_release_20140207.html

> Previous to the Mt.Gox Friday Freeze, A Bitcoiner had shared a chronicle of his adventure in trying to get answers from Mt.Gox directly by traveling to Japan. The story has now being 90% verified and it is a great intro to what lead to the Friday Freeze.

SOURCE: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1x9gue/my_protest_at_mtgox_offices_5_to_7th_february/

The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

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04 February 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 27 Of January To The 2 Of February 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

This BWNS edition counted with the sponsorship of www.BitVapors.com. Online Vendor of Consciously selected E-Cigs, Accessories and USA-made E-liquids for all your Vaping Needs. Bitcoin Accepted. Shipping to you in the USA and Internationally.

The Feel Of The Week

Tense. Is how in one word I would describe how the week felt. Mostly because of events happening in New York. It was not until the end of the week that everything started to feel normal. Nonetheless there was lots of big news. The ones that caused the tension and the rest that relieved most of it.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at a high of $886 and went for a dive to the week low of $777 on Jan 28 driven by the news of Charlie Shrem’s Arrest. Bouncing back on the same day to $823 as Bitcoin Daily Traders quickly jumped in to catch the cheap Bitcoins from that day Panic Sellers. To then pass of the rest of the week slowly recovering and reaching out up to $841 by the end.


> BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem got arrested on New York as he was returning from Miami. Then accused with Money Laundering Charges.

Link: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/bitinstant-ceo-charlie-shrem-arrested-due-money-laundering/

> New York Bitcoin Hearings took place and absorbed most of the attention during the week.

Here you can watch or fast-watch all of the hearings in order:

Panel 1, Day 1. January 28 of 2014. Part 1.


Panel 1, Day 1. January 28 of 2014. Part 2


Panel 2, Day 1. January 28 of 2014.


Panel 1, Day 2. January 29 of 2014.


Panel 2, Day 2. January 29 of 2014

Panel 3, Day 2. January 29 of 2014

> Bank Of Russia Issued A Warning On Digital Currencies. It was mostly the same kind of warnings we have seen from other countries. But a misreporting of the news running around the world on January 28 combined with Shrem Arrest among other news led to the BAEP to take a quick $100+ dive down.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/bank-of-russia-issues-warning/

> News of Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Market Manipulation started to run around on the 28 of January. Add it to the rest of bad news in the same day and those were the factors behind the BAEP $100+ dive.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/reality-chinese-trading-volumes/

> Charlie Shrem resigned of The Bitcoin Foundation board of directors as he was released on Bail and put on house arrest at his parents house.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/charlie-shrem-resigns-from-bitcoin-foundation-after-paying-1-million-to-get-out-of-jail/

> According to a IT Professionals Survey Results. 51% of those who responded to such Survey would be interested to have the option to be paid in Bitcoin. Not really a shocking result I would say given the Survey Target are Sysadmins.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/tech-pros-paid-btc/

> CoinTerra Ships First Terahash Bitcoin Mining Rig. And that was it. They only shipped one on the week apparently. Hey at least it does exist.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/cointerra-ships-first-terahash-bitcoin-mining-rig/

> Vera&John becomes the very first fully licensed Online Casino to accept Bitcoin. It helps that it is located in Malta of course.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/verajohn-becomes-first-licensed-casino-accept-bitcoin/

> During the week 3 more porn sites and 3 more escort agencies from around the world started to accept Bitcoin. Given I consider this now to be a common occurrence it is not really news unless counted as a single highlight. Thanks to the Bitcoin SubReddit for being always on the look out for these.

> TigerDirect says Bitcoin is to become accepted by more major retailers. It also confirmed that they will be carrying BFL Mining Hardware. Stating all obvious news but you can hear all of this yourself as there is actual Audio to listen to.



>  Mint, The Leading Personal Finance App added Bitcoin Integration Via Coinbase.

SOURCE: http://blog.coinbase.com/post/75043129266/coinbase-and-mint-announce-first-bitcoin-personal

> French Authorities rule that any Bitcoin Exchange operating in France must register and ask for a license. This brought the question: There are actually any Bitcoin Exchanges in France?

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/french-authority-bitcoin-exchanges-register/

> Crazy Bitcoin Fan gets a Bitcoin QR Code Tattoo.  Apparently it don’t resolves right or at all.


LINK: http://bitcoinmagazine.com/9809/bitcoin-fan-gets-tattoo-public-bitcoin-address/

> New Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange HKCEX secured a $2M USD investment. Chances for Bitcoin to proliferate continue to rise week by week.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/new-hong-kong-bitcoin-exchange-hkcex-announces-2m-investment/

>  You can now get a Five-Star Luxury Apartment on Cyprus at The Bitcoin Resort.  With this and past news, Cyprus is really shaping up to be a destination for those that made it big in Bitcoin.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/bitcoin-beachfront-apartment-cyprus/ 

> Winklevoss Twins to Submit a revised Bitcoin ETF to SEC. Maybe to change who it targets in hope to raise its chances for prompt approval.

LINK: Winklevosses to Submit Revised Bitcoin ETF to SEC

> USA’s FINCEN rules Bitcoin Miners and Investors are not Money Transmitters. Not that it could had been ruled otherwise and had a chance to actually enforce it. But it is good to have that to be stated officially.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/bitcoin-miners-investors-money-transmitters-fincen/

> Estonia Central Bank says Bitcoin may be a Ponzi Scheme. No wonder Estonia is in such bad financial shape when their Central Bank Authorities don’t seem to understand how Ponzi Schemes work. Sad.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/estonian-central-bank-warns-bitcoin-ponzi-scheme/

> In Bitcoin We Trust, the UK Bitcoin Exchange introduced bank wire transfers in partnership with OKpay.

LINK: http://bitcoinmagazine.com/9853/trust-introduces-bank-wire-transfers/

> Overstock CEO said that he now holds million of dollars in Bitcoins. Must be nice to just go out one day and say: Today I will get me 3 Million Dollars of Bitcoins.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/overstock-ceo-holds-millions-bitcoin/

> John Carmack seemed to be more into Bitcoin during the week as he revealed that he now holds some Bitcoin and as he did his first public donation with Bitcoin to OpenBSD. Yeah, John Carmack on Bitcoin is small news but still news in my book.


> The Chicago Sun-Times did their 1 day test with BitWall.

LINK: http://bitcoinmagazine.com/9840/chicago-sun-times-test-bitcoin-twitter-paywall-startup-bitwall/

> Reddit’s Bitcoin SubReddit reached 100,000 Subscribed Readers.


> BTC China started accepting deposits again.

LINK: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/30/btc-china-yuan-again/

> Cloudhashing Customers Appear To Start Becoming Unhappy. Maybe they are starting to realize that it is more than likely like burning money? I mean the only way it is going to be profitable is if you hold for all of 2014 and Bitcoin goes up at least 5x.

LINK: http://coinreport.net/costumers-unhappy-cloudhashing/

> Your Truly posted the first Bitcoin G+ Community Monthly Stat Report. 

SOURCE: Feb 2, 2014, 3-51-36 AM (edited Feb 3, 2014, 4-22-20 PM)

> AXNBTC had a huge promotion in Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year as they gave away HK$500,000 ($80,000 USD) in Bitcoin.




> CAMP BX suspended ACH and WIRE Transfers. Now looking for new Bank Partners. Will refund pending withdrawals.


You Can Now Link Your Coinbase Account To Pademobile And Pay With Bitcoin In Mexico
However: I have not used this yet. Will look into it. But I do must clear that depending on how much you spend between exchange rate and pademobile cut. It will cost anywhere from 5% to 15% to use Bitcoin this way. The possible reason for this move is that dominant mini-markets chain in Mexico rolled out a service last month that is very much so a rip-off of zipzap. Just without the Bitcoin Support. Pademobile itself would be more or less similar to M-pesa from Africa.

SOURCE:  Feb 1, 2014, 9-17-51 PM (edited Feb 2, 2014, 9-31-07 AM)

The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

This BWNS edition counted with the sponsorship of www.BitVapors.com. Online Vendor of E-Cigs, Accessories and Consciously selected USA-made E-liquids for all your Vaping Needs. Bitcoin Accepted. Shipping to you in the USA and Internationally.

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