05 July 2009

Appatic Now Mobile

Thanks to MoFuse. A RSS-To-Mobile service from my old friend David Berube (yutter, scoopr, dawrfURL, etc) now you can now read Appatic on the go via any mobile or smartphone on a Mobile friendly site.

I put it here too for future reference:


Please let me now if it looks right in both Standard and Smartphone views.

This post is now irrelevant as it was done for a time when there was still a separation between the web pages accessed via a Smartphone and the web accessed via a desktop pc. Now there is no difference. And The same web page can deliver a website that looks well in a browser accessed via a Smartphone, a Slate, a PC or even a Smart TV. The same is true in the case of this website.

03 July 2009

What Is An App These Days?

The answer is:

Pretty much everything on/off/from the web is now a app in one way or another.

Be it a service, an add-on to a service or a service solution to another service. There are many examples and the most common one could be search.

Search is an App because it process the query for what you are looking for and delivers you a response in a specific pre-defined way from which you go elsewhere. It is utilitarian.

If it delivered what you were looking for depends on both if you used it well and if the search engine actually knows what to display based on what you searched for.

But that is beyond the point.

The only thing left to do is to categorize and tag what kind of App is and how it is distributed and how/where it is meant to be used.

App as a Solution/Service or Service/Solution as a App. Kind of a chicken vs egg dilemma when it comes to start ups today.

Well, You get the idea from my petty rationalization.

Most of the times over simplifying or over generalizing is bad. In this case is just to make a point.

01 July 2009

Hello World!

Starting a Blog with such a Post Title is a cliché given how common it is. This would then be regarded as unimaginative, since there would be many other choices to a First Blog Post Title.

But what about when the Blog in question is about Apps (Desktop, Cloud, Whatever) like is the case of Appatic?. Hello World is the very first App in any new platform, language and device. As is the one that test that things work and the one to show how they can be done to new developers.

I would like to think that it then becomes the obligated thing to do.

That, or one hell of a excuse to do so….


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