01 September 2009

Why Appatic?

I was originally going to name this blog Addendix. But it read more as a note directory and it didn’t connected with what the blog was going to be about. This blog is about Software. App has become the default word for a program, service, widget and whatnot. Independently if it is in a Browser, Desktop, Mobile, TV or Game Console.

So after looking i was left wandering looking for something to register around the word App, and someone in Wikipedia and in Reddit confused the word Apathetic with Appatic when referring to a historical middle age figure. Then there was a comment that said something along the lines:

“That means he had a compulsion for apps? or that is not interesting in anything but apps?”

(The comment then followed on mocking the other user further. so no need to add that here)

I found that sarcastic remark perfectly defining that word that previously didn’t meant anything. Not the first time that happens in The Internet as that is precisely how languages get “tweaked” and new words get born now. The latest example being Pseudo New Media sputter a new word when referring to an addiction for apps as “Apping” because it went along good with the latest craze of “Sexting”. Which don´t really connects well to the intended meaning.

So i find that clever comment from a Redditor more on the mark, even if in an involuntary way. Than what someone in a newsroom thought as a clever way to associate something to an already sensationalistic  news story.

So Appatic it is. The fact on being it compulsory about apps or being someone not interested in nothing but apps should be left to further discussion.

(Not really)



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