30 October 2009

Halloween Pumpkin Carver In Silverlight


Archetype Pumpkin Carver is a great Carved Pumpkin Online Card Maker made in Silverlight and hosted in Windows Azure that lets you trace, modify and carve as many Halloween Pumpkin face patterns you want.


The page is a little heavy but it is worth to use since i think it is the best Online Pumpkin Carver and Halloween Greetings Online Card Generator i have found so far this year. You can even use it as a online halloween party invitation card if you want.

Once you decide to carve your pumpkin. It got a very well put instructions box that shows you how to carve it. You can correct and restart as many times you want until you get it right.

When you get the face pattern you want to carve, just click “Draw” and it will apply the candle light animation effect and it will be ready to be shared.


I decided to make a Punisher Skull inspired Halloween Pumpkin face pattern as you can see. Since i want to share it with everyone, i just clicked the “Send To Friend” link and it generated a E-mail form to send it as a greeting card or as a card and as a link to the specific halloween Pumpkin Card i made so anyone can check it out.


You can also write your own message. But if you want to generate a unique url, you need to click the “Get Share URL” so it gets saved for further views.

*Updated on 31/10/10*

As a plus you can now add a recording that animates your Pumpkin as it replays it with a spooky audio effect.


A fun and easy to use Halloween themed page cool enough to force me share it with you.


Archetype Pumpkin Carver 




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