23 October 2009

SilverX 1.0: Flash To Silverlight Quick Output Converter


So you a Silverlight developer, you come across a video you could use and it is in Flash. What do you do?. If you answered with Expression Encoder you would be right. But that is not the only way, more in the case you don’t need too many options, controls and tweaking of the video, you just want something fast.

Then Silver X is your other option beyond Microsoft Encoder. More in the case it is not just video and just want to grab so graphics, texts or charts. These can then be of course used in your project via Blend or Visual Studio.


It’s use could not be more simple. You find the Flash file, download it and pass it over Silver X and depending on the file it can give you the output for Silverlight in seconds or minutes.

The App is free, less than 1mb and you can use from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. It convert Flash files from version 6 to 10.

I did tested it and it is impressive how fast and simple the app is. A must-have if you are a Silverlight Developer, Designer or Devigner (both).

You can also check out the website if you want to see actual samples.


Silver X    <—Website

Silver X Download   <—Direct Download


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