01 October 2009

Tomboy 1.0: A Simple Note-Taking App



Tomboy is a application that started to get known to Windows and OS X power users in 2009.  But that actually has been around for 5 years.  4 of those years, It remained a Linux Only app.

The concept of the application is to be a 100% utilitarian application.  The look of the app is very minimalistic in a way that it is so obvious it was designed by programmers. So it is not pretty or ugly, just plain and to the point.

    tmp2F1   tmp2EF  tmp2F0  tmp2F3

In the case of apps for notes. That is exactly what you should have. Tomboy works well as a replacement to having WordPad notes just shoved into a folder or having to compromise to a simple Windows Post-it Gadget. It is a way to have as much notes you want, Written as you would in WordPad with rich text editing but also have them contextually linked to each other if suitable and even organized in sets. And if you don’t consider it feature rich enough, You can extend it via Plugins.

tmp2F5     tmp2F6
A great app to write in notes for research, school projects, story notes, phrases, ideas, etc, etc.
It would be impossible for me to detail what you can do with the app without this post easily going on for 3000 words. It would also be pointless since Tomboy got a very detailed Manual over its site at Tomboy Notes Manual. So if you are curious on exactly how the app works and if it makes sense for you to use it, That is the quickest way to find out.
But i thought it deserved a quick posts to mark it finally reaching version 1.0, Because when it comes to note-taking it is pretty much the best application around, 100% free and finally because it is very easy to use.
To install the application in Windows you need to do the following:

1.-Download Novell GTK-Sharp ( 2.12.8 or newer)
3.-Restart Windows

The final reason why to start using it now. Is because next year it will be getting a companion web service to synchronize your notes everywhere. So they can be backed up, and shared online. The service name will be Tomboy Online and it already exists as a Self-hosted option called Snowy.

My only complain about it, is that you cannot install all the addins available for the app if you are using it in windows. I would like if all the addins came in the app and you only had to choose if you want to enable them or not. But other than that you will find the experience with the app to be 1-1 to its Linux counterpart.
Tomboy 1.0 Windows Installer (Stable Release)     <—Direct Download Link
Tomboy 1.1.1 Windows Installer (Dev Release)      <—Direct Download Link

*Update 1* (25/11/09): 1.0.1 stable and 1.1.0 are now out.
*Update 2* (22/02/010): 1.1.1 dev release has been added




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