22 October 2009

Windows 7: 7 Days Of New


It would be not only foolish for me to actually try to cover Windows 7 seriously, but it would be insane since everything has been said by the likes of Ed Bott, Paul Thurroth. And every scoop possible or askew angle has been snooped at by Mary Jo Foley or Todd Bishop.

Without mentioning the other 10 high profile bloggers covering Microsoft every day.

That said. I would still like to cover some bits of it since the first 7 days of 7 is when Microsoft is going to be pushing out news and news will be pushed out of Microsoft by the Blogosphere. But i will stay with the small bit since while i am always the “Big Picture” guy. When it comes down to a product as massive in effect as it is Windows 7. There would be not much of a point to embarrass myself talking over conversations that have happened so many times already that i would be a the cacophony of an echo.

So light and amusing bits (i hope) for the next 7 days along the regular programming i already had in mind.

Windows 7



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