22 October 2009

Windows 7: New Microsoft Store, Online and Offline


So not only Windows 7 got launched but so were New Microsoft Store’s.  The online version got fully revamped with a new logo and new website:


The reason is because now you can Buy actual third party PC hardware, Software and Accessories. The launch was only for U.S.A (figures) but it is said that it should be reflected all over the world in the online version and that new localized versions will be opened before Christmas. That includes a Mexican version, so that will be interesting.

The prices are pretty much the same of a Best Buy. The only true deals for the Microsoft Store will be the inclusion of special bing cashback offers for third party PC hardware, Software and Accessories.  Direct guarantees from Microsoft on purchases, being able to use MS points, buy them, getting 90 days of direct customer support if you buy it from the Microsoft Store and also getting free shipping most of the times.

Another plus is that if you buy a PC or Laptop from the Microsoft Store. These will be from the Microsoft Signature line. This means that they don’t come with trial-ware. They come with Windows 7 installed by Microsoft, Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0, Windows Live Essentials, Zune Software 4.0, Adobe Reader 9.0, Flash 10 and Silverlight 3.0 plus up to date .NET and Windows Updates.  This sure will makes a big difference because these Desktop and Laptops will be REALLY ready for immediate use, unlike what you get everywhere else.

Microsoft Store Online

But in real life there was also the launch of the first Microsoft Store Retail in Scottsdale Arizona:


The Microsoft Store Retail put a Posterous Blog for the launch:


You will not see me covering hardware or retail in here this way. So this is a exception.

*Update* (28/10/09): Added details on the benefits of Microsoft Store purchases. 




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