24 October 2009

Windows 7 Personalization Gallery


Another of the great things about Windows 7 is that the customization is easy to do without any workarounds, mods or hacks. You still can go those ways if you are looking for a Desktop Transformation. But if you just want to tweak the Look of you desktop you can do via the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery.


It is a page where you can find themes, desktop gadgets, SideShow Gadgets and Backgrounds. Themes are the true exclusives to Windows 7 since they are targeted to the graphic engine and setting of the new OS. Everything else you can have it in Vista and in XP.

So to have true full custom desktop, you need a Theme and this i where you will find them. A theme includes several backgrounds, color ranges, sounds, screensaver settings and even specific companion Desktop Gadgets that go with them. Originally there were only 20 theme sets based on Countries.


But for Windows 7 launch, 14 Themes more where added that revolve on Brands like Zune, Pepsi, Bing, Etc.


But if that is still not enough. You don’t have to wait around for new theme to appear. You can go and create your own.


Windows 7 Personalization Gallery      <—Homepage

Create Your Own Windows 7 Theme    <—Instructions With Video Demo

What Is A Theme?                                          <—Help Page With Video Demo



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