24 October 2009

Windows 7 Social Engagement Tracker

The title of the page is: What people are saying about Windows 7?

Not really a service but still a App. In this case a promo Ajax web page that shows the Social Engagement of Windows 7 across A Social Messaging Network  (Twitter), Social Content Sharing Networks (Flickr, YouTube), A Social Network (Facebook) and blog posts.

Just in case you were wondering what is being shared or said about Windows 7. This is the site to take a look at it with the very impressive Ajax loader that can let you filter from where you want to see things being said or shared or just seeing it all at once. You can set the Speed too. Putting in Fast Mode is just crazy to watch how it becomes a note cards waterfall. So try it.



Not a useful thing but a amusing one that should keep you busy for some minutes and that is still cool to look at.


Windows 7 Social Engagement Tracker




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