30 October 2009

Windows 7 Taskbar Meters 1.0


In my case two of my ever present windows gadgets are the CPU Utilization Meter and the RAM Memory Meter. Unless you are in a high end machine, these two are always good to have. But Jeffrey Key decided to take advantage of the Windows 7 Taskbar and make these into Pinned Taskbar Icons.


These Taskbar Meters also come with enabled visual meters and jumplist support for quick access tasks.


You can also determine the frequency it updates the progress bar indicator in the pinned icon and mark the colors for performance ranges, so you can say to what percentage range the progress bar indicator should stay green, turns yellow and finally go red.


I think the only thing missing that i would like is if it have a widget-like view preview pane for when you hover the icon like with Browsers and Application Open Windows Group. Other than it is a great solution if you got the resolution and screen real state so it don’t get in the way of your OS everyday use.


Windows 7 Taskbar Meters    <—CodePlex Project Page

via Life Rocks 2.0




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