23 October 2009

Windows 7: USB / DVD Download Tool (Updated)



So you got yourself a Netbook months ago and you are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 and want to buy it from the online Microsoft Store as a download. You know that it is possible to load the OS from a USB but don’t like the idea of having to build your own solution from a tutorial. Or maybe you got a old machine that you want load Windows 7 on and you also find yourself dreading on having to build your own DVD for backup and loading of the OS.     

Just yesterday the scenarios above were the option you may have thought you were going to face. But not anymore since you now can use Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.          


With it you can go ahead and buy Windows and download a ISO from the Microsoft Store while you wait for the box to reach you later without hurry. From that ISO you only need to install this tool and that will guide you in the handling of the ISO to make it a Bootable USB or DVD so you can install Windows 7 in no time. The Tool is .NET 2.0 based so any XP SP3 or Vista already got it installed, relegated XP SP2 users should do check first.


The WUDT is now also Open Source so the source code can now also be downloaded and reused.


Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool Web Page    <—Details And User Guide

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool                          <—Direct Download

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool in Codeplex   <—Project Page

via DownloadSquad

*Update 1* (10/11/09): Links don’t work right now because Microsoft took down the utility. Link paths will be updated when Microsoft reinstates it. In the case this take more than a week. I will point a link to a mirror.

*Update 2* (21/11/09): Microsoft has officially stated that the new version of the Windows 7 USB /DVD Download Tool will be available in the first half of December of 2009. Given another non-official statement i will not be hosting or linking to a mirror of it. So i will instead wait for it to be available and will update this post accordingly by restoring the access to it.

*Update 3* (09/12/09): Microsoft has now Open Sourced the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Links have been enabled and i have added a link to the Codeplex Page where you can now also access the Source Code of the tool.




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