26 October 2009

Windows ImageResizer PowerToy


Any long time Windows XP power user knows about the benefits of PowerToy that adds special automated functionality to Windows. One of my favorites in XP is the ImageResizer PowerToy. This allowed you resize any photo or batch of photos directly from your right-click context menu.


This way you can take any picture or batch of pictures and resize them. Once you select them and click resize, it will ask you on what size do you want them. tmp25C

It also got setting to determine if you want them to be lighter and if you want to alter the original or make copies of them.


And that is pretty much all. It could not be easier. I highly recommend this PowerToy, Since i think that it is a essential feature. So much that in my case i use it almost every day.  Before it was only available to XP, Now you can have it in Vista and Windows 7 in both 32-bits and 64-bits versions too. All thanks to BriceLambson that made a clone of the Original XP version and put it in CodePlex for all to grab.


ImageResizer for Windows XP 

ImageResizer for Windows Vista/Windows 7 

ImageResizer for Windows Vista/Windows 7 (64-Bit) 

(All 3  above are Direct Download Links)

ImageResizer PowerToy Clone For Windows  <—Project Page



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