28 October 2009

ZapMessenger: Remove Corrupted Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger or Live Messenger Installs


ZapMessenger is a  .Net 2.0 based Portable App developed by Jonathan Kay, that you can use for when you need/want/cannot remove a corrupted or jumpy install of Windows Messenger (XP), MSN Messenger (XP) or Live Messenger program (XP, Vista, 7) and you need to take it off so it don’t messes up a new Live Messenger install or if it is having conflict with a third party IM client or causing a glitch in your OS in any way.


He developed solely for the purpose above and you don’t need to worry about your customizations, it only targets the actual messenger installs without touching your data.

Given it is a portable app, you only need to download it, unzip it and run it.


ZapMessenger Info  <—App history and developer guide notes

ZapMessenger     <—Direct Download





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