30 November 2009

WallpaperX 1.0: Automatic Windows Wallpaper Changer



WallpaperX is a .NET 3.0 app to change your Windows Wallpapers automatically.


The app is the first release of more to come according to its developer Murasaki55.


  • -allows auto changing of wallpapers in a given time interval specified by the user
  • -set your wallpaper in 5 different scales: Fill, Fit, Tile, Center, Stretch
  • -SmartFit scaling feature allows the auto selection of scaling from 5 different scaling
  • -tray icon allows easy access on configuring your wallpapers and enabling/disabling auto changing
  • -easy to use interface


Some Notes

The best thing about it is that you can use it as a better way to manage large sets of windows wallpapers and that given its nice set of features and the promise that it will continue to get updated in the foreseeable future. That should make it a prime choice for you to consider using it.

More if you are used to personally manage and set exactly what you want as a wallpaper.

Even if set to be changed automatically. It is not the same to control the rooster of what is going to be shown that using another app that sets something at random. This is a app for those that like control and are used to dedicate a little bit of time in managing their Windows Wallpapers.

WallpaperX can be used in Windows  XP, Vista and 7.


WallpaperX Info

WallpaperX                 <—Direct Download Link





Feed Readers are still the most efficient way to keep up with the news and with blogs.

The main reason is that you got full control of how often you want your feeds to update, how do you want to read them and in what order. But not all feeds are good for feed readers because some contain SSL Certifications or are password protected. 

I for example use the built in Feed Reader in IE8 + 3 Plugins that enhance it. I use it because in that way is simply the most powerful feed reader and having it integrated to the browser also means i can use my accelerators that let me interact with Windows Live Writer directly from both the IE8 Feed Reader and the browser itself.

But for “legal” reasons IE8 don’t allows you to load up feeds that got certain SSL certificates or that are password protected. This is also the case with many other Desktop Feed Readers. Also a lot of the time password protected feeds lock on suddenly and you need to reenter your password manually and that is just annoying.

The solution here is FreeMyFeed that i have been using for a long time now. You can burn those feeds and get a unlocked version of it that you now can use and enjoy without worries.

What are some examples of useful restricted Feeds?.  E-mail feeds like for example Gmail, from social networks (usually with ssl certificates, a lot of them invalid), from private twitter accounts, custom search engine feeds, etc, etc.

So if you have a problem adding certain feed to your feed reader, FreeMyFeed is the perfect workaround to that.





Rollip: Give Your Photos A Polaroid Effect



Rollip is Online Photo Tool to apply a Polaroid Effect to any photo you upload.  If you need me to explain what is a Polaroid or what is the Polaroid effect, then Rollip is just not for you.


You have 20 different Polaroid effects to choose from and can also add some classic custom frames and decorations that anyone that had a Polaroid Camera will remember as decals and labelers. Remembering that while i played with this photo tool made me feel quite old i must say. But it also made me feel very nostalgic, so Rollip has already archived its purpose.

Rollip is free but it also got a paid option so you can convert a batch of 15 photos in its original size to all 20 effects available for $3 bucks. Something that actually find not only reasonable but cheap since doing the same manually requires you to do 300-500 clicks (converted to time spent in the site would be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes).

So $3 Bucks is what it cost you to not having to do all those 300 clicks manually. I told you it was a OK deal.

I must say that for me it is a nostalgia infuser of the highest order and that alone has made me use it a lot. And once i decide exactly what 15 pictures i would like to see converted, i may also pay for a set. That don’t means you have to, just me saying that i found it a neat photo tool.





FreeMyPDF: Online PDF Restrictions Remover



Just like i said before. Nothing worse to ruin your day if you happen to find or receive a PDF you need and the PDF in question is restricted for printing, editing and on top of it needs a password every time you want to read it. While you got a option to unlock a PDF file from your desktop. What if you are not in your computer?.

The best choice would be a Online solution or a Portable App.

FreeMyPDF is a online PDF restriction remover and it can unlock any PDF you are able to read but that comes with restrictions. If one of the restrictions is a password, then you need the password of that file since this is NOT a PDF breaker.

You can upload PDF files up to 7mb in size. Once you do it and a click of a button later, you only need to wait 30 seconds or less for your now unlocked PDF file clone. Download the clone and you are good to go.

A great and handy tool that only peeve is the low file size limit. Other than that it works as advertised.





Free PDF Unlocker: PDF Restrictions Remover



Nothing worse to ruin your day if you happen to receive or find a PDF you need and it results that it is restricted to download, to edit, to copy and that in top of that you need to use a password every time you want to see it.

Free PDF Unlocker get rids of all those annoyances for you and do it fast. It is a light single purpose tool that has been around for a while and that works in any Windows OS from 98 to XP out of the box. You can use it in Vista and in 7 but you then need to use it in compatibility mode in order it works correctly and to prevent any possible malfunction.

I remembered this tool recently precisely because i encountered a PDF file that pissed me off with its restrictions. So if you happen to receive a lot of PDF’s, this is a good tool to have around just in case. There are many other PDF restrictions removers but not many that are free and that work in pretty much every Windows OS made in the last 12 years. So for that reason, this one is the one i recommend.

There is also a online version of the same if you don’t want a desktop app.


Free PDF Unlocker         <—Download Page



TagCrowd: A Simple Tag Cloud Generator



I previously wrote on a Tag Cloud Generator, but that one was really more in a humorously way. So now i give you a actual good and simple Tag Cloud Generator for websites (mostly)that works every time.


                          (Demo TagCloud Generated with Microsoft.com)

TagCrowd can generate a tag cloud from a domain address and also offers some  customization values so you can tweak the tag cloud previously to it being generated. 


While it is better used for Websites, it can also be used with files you upload (xml, html, txt, rtf,etc) and even text you paste directly into a input window. 

A very simple and fast service that should not take more than a minute to check out if it is what you need in the case you are looking for a Tag Cloud Generator.





MailCounter: A E-mail Only Sharing Badge With Counter [Preview]



A little pet project from The Next Web based on the ReTweet Blog Badge but dedicated for E-mail. It makes sense since the last time i saw reports from ShareThis and AddThis. E-mail still accounted for the biggest chunk of social sharing followed closely by Twitter and Facebook.


The badge right now is floating in the transition of Alpha to Beta. There is a Wordpress php code and a very simple JS code for it. I hope that once it is finished it will be released as a plugin for Wordpress and as a Blogger Gadget too since that would ensure it gets the best adoption. Right now as it is comes of as interesting but it is obviously only for the tech inclined given the state it is now.





27 November 2009

FixWin 1.0: Repair 50 Windows Vista And 7 Issues



More than likely inspired by the XP Quick Fix Plus app by LeeluSoft. The Windows Club decided to get their own version of that for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Developed by Ramesh Kumar as many of TWC apps, The concept is that FixWin automatically fixes  50 small errors and issues with the click of a button, that can go from the recycle bin not showing in the desktop, to Windows Explorer not showing thumbnail pictures.


It is recommended to have a restore point before using it in case something don’t gets fixed at the first try. FixWin is a portable app so it can be used from a USB and don’t needs any installation.





26 November 2009

Task.FM: Online Reminders, GTD Notes And TODO Lists That Can Reach You



Task.FM is a new online reminders service somewhat like Remember The  Milk. The focus of Task.FM is to be able to reach you with this reminders wherever you are via multiple ways. Those can be via E-mail, SMS, Automated Voice Calls. Another good thing is that you can create tasks via Twitter direct messages.




  • natural language input

    don't enter dates and times manually. Save time by speaking in plain english

  • twitter integration

    works with Twitter. Create reminders by sending us a Direct Message.

  • sms, email and voice

    recieve reminders via sms, email, twitter or voice call. Change reminder types with a click

  • add reminders via email

    create reminders directly from any email client. Never leave your inbox

  • groups and contacts

    sending reminders to others is as simple as CC'ing a contact

  • to-do lists

    task.fm includes a built in to-do manager. create unlimited lists

  • tag and search

    add tags to any reminders to search and group. Supports hashtags via twitter and email

  • voice transcription

    create reminders using your voice. Use a toll-free number

About The Service

The main service is online reminders but it can also be used as a GTD Notes tool or as a To-Do Lists tool. While the service big catch are of course SMS reminder alerts and automated voice calls that be used for you alone or to with a group (that you record with your voice via a toll-free number). In order to use these at ease, you need to pay a actually very reasonable fee of 3.99 per month. The figure is super reasonable, even cheap if you are going to use the service for groups and you know that you are going be using it often for awhile.

But the reason why i write about it here is because it got a FREE version that is more than enough if you are going to be using the service for you and maybe a small group that you know reads their e-mail. So it is worth a look on that basis, I would sure use it if were on the move a lot for appointments, person details and of course birthdays.




via The Next Web (Au)



25 November 2009

Threadsy: E-mail + Social Networking Meet In A Crossroad



The quickest way to explain Threadsy is to pitch it in a Hollywood agent fashion. In this case is SocialThing Meets Hotmail. SocialThing is/was a Social Network Dynamic Aggregator. It was dynamic because it allowed you to reply directly from it to each specific network via the right account. All the content aggregated just as in the source service  in single stream and all without clashing. All blended in.


The Service

Threadsy got a E-mail like interface with a Social Messaging – Social Networking Module at the right side. That also makes me think in the Silverlight AOL Mail prototype from lots of months back. Just that Threadsy is all Ajax.

It has evolved very fast in the last month or so and the looks has been refined a lot. The first time i saw it i actually disliked it a bit. Now it is just a bit puzzling but got a dazzling look.

Threadsy focus is aggregating both all your Email accounts and all your Online Social Streams into Two Columns. One is a stream for the aggregated E-mail and one is for the Aggregated Social Streams from Twitter and Facebook (at this moment but it seems the plan is to add LinkedIn and MySpace too).

You can use multiple accounts of each social service. If you want it to be about Your E-mail + Your two or three Twitter accounts, you can have it like that. You want to add your Facebook into the Mix?. You can.

Each social supported service is a fully featured client and in the case of your aggregated E-mail stream Threadsy does some special things with it like recognizing and marking e-mails with the site or social service the come from. So if the e-mail links to or comes from recognized service/site it will add the domain icon to better identify it or in the case of social networks, if the e-mail is a notification of a reply from twitter or facebook, it will render the e-mail as a reply from the service as you would see it in the Social Streams Module.


  • 'It is very well designed
  • It is very well supported across browsers
  • It works very well
  • It is not resource intensive
  • It got good features


  • I think that the inclusion of a Meebo IM bar is a huge mistake since it clutters the experience and it is distracting to the focus of the service.
  • While it does a good job with converging E-mail with your Social Streams, Sometimes the question is if you want both together or not. If you don’t then why i cannot simply use the Dynamic Social Aggregator?. And if i may like only the Dynamic  E-mail Aggregator, it is truly better than Outlook, Live Mail, Evolution or Thunderbird?
  • Why to have it if there are ways to bring your Social Streams to Your E-mail via Outlook plugins or via Gmail Gadgets in Gmail?.
  • You can also already aggregate all your e-mail from multiple accounts in any of the 3 main E-mail providers.


In my case i think it is not really for me since i feel the Cons outweigh the Pros from where i stand. Maybe is also because i am not really a standard user and because i already have seen several services trying to dynamically aggregate e-mail and failing at it in the long run. Also because i had a expectation that Threadsy could be a SocialThing replacement, since SocialThing  never got well developed. For me Threadsy should have concentrated in being the replacement of SocialThing or competing with Seesmic or Brizzly instead of trying to bridge two kinds of content that sometimes should not be mixed and that are a very big task to do in a way that offers more value than E-mail Desktop clients or the already very capable online E-mail services.

I do see how this proposition can be attractive to heavily Social Media geared users and for everyone who the E-mail part don’t needs to be fully featured and throughout. But then how many users like that can threadsy really get and if that is the kind of user that it needs, then there is not going to be much of a hope for it to have really good traction.  But i hope that Threadsy proves me wrong by the time they launch in full force from Private Beta


If you feel curious about Threadsy or completely disagree with me and want a invite just reply to this post with your E-mail in this format:


So it looks like this:   AvatarX(At)Live(Dot)com





JustPaste.It: Share Text Snippets Online




There are times when you only want to share bit of text (with images or not) and that text don’t fits in Twitter, Is limited if put on Facebook and you don’t want to put it in a Blog Or Tumblelog because it not that relevant or you feel like it.




JustPaste.It allows you to write,paste or upload something, set up a custom address and the just share the link of it. If someone want what you have post they can easily export it to PDF with the click of a button.  You can also simply copy & paste it elsewhere.


  • paste text directly from word processor or WWW page
  • text formatting (colors!)
  • automatic images import
  • import from MS Word
  • automatic text backup
  • export to PDF
  • Linkage




    Search PDF eBooks: A Simple Way To Search For PDF Files



    Search PDF eBooks is a way to search for ANY kind of PDF files. I have used it at least 100 times and i must say it is just a great simple way of searching for PDF’s. Be that you are looking for a tutorial, a old manual, a old magazine, etc, etc. It works and it works right.

    The service is simply a Google custom search engine that search for several special queries and that then get filtered with a script to get you the best possible results for PDF files.

    (Or that is how it should be)

    While you could the same with a automated special query, it will not be as easy and as accurate. That and why bother if this page already does that and even offers you a plugin so you can add this service directly in your Browser of choice search bar.


    Search PDF eBooks


    Shufs: Search Online File Sharing Sites



    Because you never know when you will need/want to search for a file that you know has to be around online but don’t know exactly where to look.

    Shufs allows you to search in 10 different online file sharing sites:




    1. Rapidshare
    2. Megaupload
    3. MediaFire
    4. Badongo
    5. zShare
    6. filefactory
    7. 4filehosting
    8. sendspace
    9. turboupload
    10. rapidupload


    What it does is to simply automate the process of searching those sites via already implemented Google custom searches for each domain and then apply some filters on that search via a script. Simple and useful for when you need to search for a file for some reason or another. You could do the same if you know how to set the special query in Google but this will save you the time of having to do that too.





    Tomboy Updates With 1.0.1 And 1.1.0




    Tomboy was one of the very first apps i wrote about here in Appatic. The reason being that i really like the app and it is one of the apps i use every single day. I had forgot to do an update post on Tomboy latest releases. So here it is :

    The Updates

    1.0.1 Is the latest stable release and it is mainly a bug/error fixing release with a single new feature that comes off as Ubuntu One support. Ubuntu One is Canonical  (Ubuntu Linux parent company) version of Dropbox. Support for it allows you to synchronize your Tomboy notes on various desktops if you are a Ubuntu user.

    Version 1.0.1 

    • Adds support for Ubuntu One and others using OAuth 1.0a (#594046, Rodrigo Moya)
    • Show correct help version on Windows and Mac (#601067, Stefan Cosma)
    • Always show icons for note items in recent notes menu (#590653)
    • Other fixes: #596416, #596395
    • Translation updates: ca, et, ja, lv, pl, ro, ru

    1.1.0 is the latest dev (beta) release and it includes various bug fixes for Windows, the most important one being that it fixes Printing. So now you can finally print directly from Tomboy in all of the 3 current Windows OSes  (XP, Vista & 7)

    Version 1.1.0

    • Adds support for Ubuntu One and others using OAuth 1.0a (#594046, Rodrigo Moya)
    • Fix printing in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (#576554)
    • Various Windows bug fixes (#585297, #601067, #599688, Stefan Cosma)
    • Adds CreateNamedNoteWithUri method to dbus interface (#580525, Matt Jones)
    • Adds dbus methods for working with notebooks (#576329, Clemens Buss)
    • Always show icons for note items in recent notes menu (#590653)
    • Adds Sync menu item to panel applet (#597569)
    • Stop cutting off message text in the Sync dialog (#553615)
    • Other fixes: #596416, #596395, #597139
    • Translation updates: ca, id, it, lv, nb, pl, ro, sl

    While the 1.1.0 is a Beta release it is the one i would recommend you to upgrade to since it is the ones that actually comes with new features for Windows and there is a very noticeable performance and startup improvement. Tomboy now starts in 5 to 10 seconds and consumes 15-30mb of ram memory overall.

    The same instructions remain for its installation

    Other Tomboy News

    It looks like the date for Tomboy to get a Online Counterpart Service is very close now and the site looks great in some Mockups that are being contemplated for it:



    I hope it indeed ends up looking like this because the design is very good and simple. The good thing about the online service is that it will not only synchronize your notes but will allow you to storage them, share them and create them from the service. I look forward to seeing up and running.


    Tomboy 1.0.1           <—Direct Download Link

    Tomboy 1.1.0           <—Direct Download Link


    via Sandy Armstrong



    24 November 2009

    Technorati Claim (Disregard This Post)



    This merely a post to claim this blog in Technorati. Normal Blog Programming will resume very soon.

    Technorati Claim Token U49M8UT2B38N


    23 November 2009

    Pixel Ruler: A Ruler For Your Windows Desktop

    Pixel Ruler Logo

    Pixel Ruler from MioPlanet is a little app that you could say it is universal for Windows OSes since it works from Windows 95 (allegedly) up to Windows 7. And that lets you measure any element in your browser or in your Windows Desktop. There are Browser Plugins that do the same thing. But having a Ruler to start from your desktop and be able to measure anything in it is a lot better than just having it in the Browser.




    • Free and easy to use virtual screen ruler ;
    • Float over your screen ;
    • Work with all applications ;
    • Show measurements in Pixels ;
    • Rotate to horizontal or vertical position ;
    • Maximum of 1300 pixels ;
    • Choose between several skins.

    As you can see from the Features list it is got a nice set of functionalities and it happens to be a very tiny app (733kb) that takes barely any resources (5-15mb)

    The only issue it got is that it has no actual uninstall function listed in add/remove but you can simple start search it (vista & 7) and click on uninstall or if you are in XP use your Windows Search Deskbar to do the very same thing.

    The only thing missing is if it had been a fully Portable App. But even then given its tiny install size, low resources and very good feature set, There is really very little  more you could ask from such a simple  app like Pixel Ruler. Very recommended.


    Pixel Ruler Info

    Pixel Ruler                   <—Direct Download Link


    via The Windows Club






    I am doing this entry because i found this online tool amusing in a somewhat humorous way. If you are wondering why, just look at the header from the site above. You should know that the banner is actually animated too!.

    Tag-Cloud-Generator is a service that asks you for your online domain address and in turn will give you a fully automatically generated tag cloud based on posts from your site and each tag will also link to a specific post.

    It also lets you customize the look of the tag cloud and once you are ok with how it looks, it gives you the embed code for it. Actually useful right?.

    Yes, if it works on the first go. The funny part was sometimes it worked, other times it don’t shows anything and finally at times its idea of tags is extremely loose. you need to use it to see it in action. This and the odd and over the top header make you wonder if it is meant to be funny or not.

    This of course will only be useful on websites where all the important links are referenced from the homepage. I tried several domains of very different nature and found out that its main target is simple websites. In those it works as advertised and it offer a nice little service that can save you some time. Otherwise it just produces very random results if you try it in blogs or large websites with lots of content.


    Tag-Cloud-Generator    <—The Site is very badly optimized too, so beware.


    SimpleText.ws: A Online Notepad



    The idea of SimpleText.ws is to take your notepad online. That and have it save every version you write of something. That means that every time you edit a text, it will still have the last version saved to offer you up all the revisions in a list. Another useful feature is that it will detect conflicts in text documents. Be it that the formatting is extremely wrong or that you are using characters that it cannot read or that don’t belong.



    It uses Google for its logon so you will need a Google Account to use it. At first i thought that it was odd that it didn’t supported multiple logins like Live ID, OpenID or even Facebook Connect and Twitter Auth. But unless something went very wrong for me i found that unless you are using  Safari 4 or Chrome/Iron 3-4. You will not be able to use it. It don’t supports IE7-IE8, It is not very usable in Firefox or Opera.  So i guess it may have been designed with Webkit in mind. If someone tries it directly on a iphone, let me know if it works and that should confirm that theory.

    Other Use

    I know it is all the point to use it in a browser but the first thing i thought when i saw it was that it could be better to use it as a browser sidebar or as a SSB app. Unfortunately given that it only truly works well with webkit. That means that your only SSB choice is the weakest as it will only supports the “Application Shortcut” mode in Chrome/Iron 3-4.




    The image you see here is the real size of the minimum size you need to use SimpleText.ws. So the sidebar idea was not only thwarted by the bad support of other browsers. But because it would also not resize properly. I think that is a serious missed opportunity. But it still works out as a SSB app in case you want to make it a little more useful. The real tragedy here is that it got such a limited use since it ignores the browser engines for 94% of the market and two uses that would interest to the users this app is try to target to by not resizing well, not being able to be used in other SSB app managers, more in the case of Bubbles that could truly make it a Light Desktop App. Not being able to be used as a Sidebar for when you got screen real state to spare and finally by being too simple since it don’t even gives you out support for bold and italics. But the idea is interesting and it an also be explored beyond since it got a API.


    I like the idea, the execution not so much because it comes off as snobbish and not that well thought out. But the idea and the concept sure got legs to run on. More since it provides a alternative to those “Distraction Free” writing environments with a sensible neo-retro flavor.





    20 November 2009

    ToDoList: THE Personal Task Manager



    I was asked to post more TODO apps and the person who asked me said he wanted something truly featured. So i now got just what he and maybe you could want when i found out about ToDoList from AbstractSpoon Software. That from what i read has been in development for 6 years now.

    It makes Tasque looks as simple as a PostIt Desktop Widget. So it should suffice to anyone looking for a truly featured TODO app. I even cringe on calling it that since it is more of a Personal Task Manager. So don’t blame me if it is too featured!.


    ToDoList is a task management tool that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clean and intuitive user experience. ToDoList has been in continuous development for nearly 6 years and is an ongoing project. Tasklists are stored in XML which provides many opportunities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets. ToDoList's flexible design makes it ideal for both IT related projects as well as more general GTD uses.

    Here is the Quick View:


    Right from the Installation Dialogues it is evident that you are about get a very featured application, why?. It gives you lots of settings choices




    1.-It starts by asking you if you want to store your program settings in the Windows Registry or a ini file. it is better to got with the ini file so that is the suggestion it gives. If you are sure you are going to be using it for awhile then it is ok to choose the Windows Registry option. The second choice is if you want to share, ToDoList lets you share your lists to a server if you want. If that is not in your mind right from when you install it then leave it unselected.




    2.-It continues by giving you a list of all the specifications the app supports, it got 28 specifications you can add to manage your task lists, it comes with 11 as the standard selection.




    3.-It finally lets you decided if you want the simple version or the standard version of the interface and wants to show you a sample Task List so you get a better idea of how you are supposed to be using it. Leaving the suggested options is recommended.

    The Interface



    This is the Standard view of ToDoList and if you suddenly feel you are seeing a project manager app that fell from Office 2003 is because it is almost as if it was. But don’t worry you can make it EVEN MORE featured because it accepts plugins too and it will suggest you to add some when the occasion arises.




    Maybe a look to the general interface is not really enough for you to get just how featured it really is. But if the preferences window don’t gives that away then i don’t know what to do. Lots and lots of options so you can tweak the software to your liking.


    I think that ToDoList may be TOO MUCH for the average user and even to most Power Users, but if you happen to be in IT and Software Development or maybe you got OCD then this is a app that will please you to no end. Fully recommended. Also excuse me if i don’t give you a Review of this but i would have then ended up with a 3000 words long post. So this quick view will have to suffice for you to form your opinion.

    If you are worrying about being to complicated to learn it right away. Don’t be, because it even got a Wiki with everything you could possible need to know to not just use but use it right.

    ToDoList can be installed in the 3 current Windows OSes (XP, Vista & 7) and It does run in WINE if you want to have it on Linux  


    ToDoList Info

    ToDoList               <---Direct Download Link

    ToDoList Wiki



    19 November 2009

    Microsoft PDC 2009 Content Now Ready To Watch Or Download



    Microsoft PDC09 at the time of this blog post publication is already as good as ended. That means that it is time for all of us who were not able to attend to now start enjoying of all the content from the Keynotes and Sessions that took place in it.

    So if you already got the PDC09 Windows Gadget to organize what you want to watch, you can now go and download all of that. Lots of content with something interested in Microsoft Technologies and Software Technology in general.




    Microsoft PDC09

    PDC09 Sessions Browser                <—Watch Content On Site In Silverlight

    Content Guide For Videos, Audio and Slide Presentions From PDC09 Sessions            <—Link to the files for On Demand watching or for download



    Microsoft Live Labs Pivot Invites *Updated*


    This only a post for invites, will be doing a stand alone post later on. In the meantime….


    What is Pivot?

    Pivot makes it easier to interact with massive amounts of data in ways that are powerful, informative, and fun. We tried to step back and design an interaction model that accommodates the complexity and scale of information rather than the traditional structure of the Web.

    Microsoft Pivot is a way to interact with your user browsing data and sort in interesting and engaging visualization models that will let you have a better  a relational comprehension of it

    Demo Video

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    The Demo Video shows the background of the Pivot Concepts and also shows examples of its use.

    Get Your Invites

    I got 30 Microsoft Pivot Invites to give away.

    So Please leave a comment in this post in the following format if you want a invite:


    So it looks like this:   AvatarX(At)Live(Dot)com

    Microsoft Pivot ONLY works in Windows Vista SP1+ and Windows 7 at this moment.

    Once You Have Your Invite

    If you asked for a invite here and got it my reply, now just head to the Microsoft Pivot download page, get the app and install, it will ask you for the invite code in order to complete that installation.


    Microsoft Live Labs Pivot

    Microsoft Pivot Guide

    Download Microsoft Pivot    <—Direct Download Link



    *Update* (22/02/2010): You no longer need a invite to use Microsoft Pivot. Download at ease.

    PasteCopy.NET : Enhanced Windows Clipboard Manager



    One of the things that can seriously speed up your workflow in Windows is to have a Enhanced Windows Clipboard Manager. There a lot of good options for that out there. But not many good ones that also happen to be FREE. 




    PasteCopy is a .NET 2.0 based portable app to enhance your windows clipboard and it is indeed fully free to use. The fact that it is really very well features is of course the biggest draw. The other main draws for me is that it is portable so you can carry it around in a USB so you have it everywhere and that since it is .NET based it is very stable and lean.


    PasteCopy.NET is a free portable Windows Clipboard Manager with multilingual support. It's fully automated and has a (auto-) resizable preview pane. PasteCopy.NET enlarges the capacity of Windows Clipboard and lets you organize csv (Comma separated values), html, rtf (Rich Text Format), text, unicode- text & images into customizable categories. The supported fomats can be previewed and copied to Windows Clipboard with a mouse-click, or by keyboard navigation. PasteCopy.NET is a portable* freeware tool, only 514KB, and can run from a USB memory stick.

    Key Features

    • Portable freeware tool, only (514KB)
    • Multilingual support (de, en, es, it, nb, pl, pt)
    • Auto- Copy & Paste Windows Clipboard
    • Convert rtf to txt (-automatically)
    • Convert html to rtf or txt (-automatically)
    • (Auto-) resizable/hide preview
    • Mouse-hover/keystroke preview
    • Export and print function

    Main View

    tmp296   tmp298

    Settings View


    Final Notes

    Most things in the PasteCopy.NET are self explanatory and so far in the time i have used it i found it to be a all good and it sure will allows everyone to be able to work faster and it should be seen not only as a Power User utility but as a actual basic productivity boost utility to have.


    PasteCopy.NET Info

    PasteCopy.NET              <—Download Page




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