09 November 2009

All In One Runtimes Installer



This app should be put as a essential one to every Windows user in a new OS install, be it on the go with a new Netbook you got with XP. Be it at work (if you got admin privileges or its your own business) and mainly at home with new PC’s sporting Vista or Windows 7.


All In One Runtimes Installer from German site Sereby installs all the runtimes you will NEED in Windows in order to almost never encountering the case of not being able to run a App or see certain content online. No matter what other said, it is better to have them all.

It supports:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Shockwave Player
  • System runtimes
  • Visual C++ runtimes
  • Microsoft Visual J#
  • Microsoft .net Frameworks
  • .net language packs 
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • DirectX

Pretty much the only thing missing i can think of is Adobe AIR since it has become something that you should have given there are lots of good apps that do use it. But everything else is there. The app will install everything for you and you don’t have to worry since it will only install what is missing in your Windows PC. A true time saver.

IT works in all 3 current Windows OSes and it comes in both 32 and 64 version for Vista and Windows 7.

The developer website is in German but don’t worry you only need to choose the version (32 or 64) from a tab and click a download in it. follow the links accordingly to its description pointers.


All In One Runtimes Installer Site           <— Developer Info Page

All In One Runtimes Installer                     <—Download Links Page





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