16 November 2009

Cache My Work




Cache My Work is a way to restore previously open apps after a forced reboot. A forced reboot can be needed because you have been working for hours and you suddenly  realize that the machine is slowing down because you got lot of stuff open and you have not rebooted in weeks or because the system is asking you for it after it has done a important update. 


These scenarios are very true if you are in XP or mostly true if you are in Vista. Windows 7 too but only if you put the OS in old hardware, you got it in a low end hardware or because it is a Patch Tuesday reboot.

While this open source app was conceived by MikeSL for XP at first, it works in Vista and Windows 7 too and results in a great but simple way to return to what you were working on after a forced reboot.

Why you would want this app?

Because if you had opened several apps and you have to reboot, you will forget one or two of those apps and it will take more time for you to restore the workflow you had before the reboot. Also because the app is vey easy to use.

If you are still wondering how exactly it work or what it does, MikeSL got those answers very well explained:

What does CacheMyWork do?

  • CacheMyWork enables you to instruct Windows to re-launch specific applications the next time you login
  • CacheMyWork identifies all the applications that (a) the user has launched and (b) are visible on the Taskbar
  • By default, CacheMyWork will also simplify the list by removing those applications that are auto-started by Windows on behalf of the user (e.g. instant messaging applications)

How to use CacheMyWork

  • Just launch CacheMyWork.exe
  • Select each of the applications you want launched again after you next logon
  • Click the Save button.

The App is .NET 2.0 based and it runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of all the current Windows OSes (XP, Vista & 7)


Chache My Work Documentation     <—Guide and FAQ

ChacheMyWork                                        <—Project Page





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