15 November 2009

Fix IE 1.0 : In The Case You Need To Fix Internet Explorer



One of the problems i have seen since IE8 came out is that it looks like there are a lot of bad Internet Explorer installations out there. These are the cause of claims like:

  • Internet Explorer 8 takes almost a minute to start up”
  • “Internet Explorer 8 takes over 10 seconds to open a new tab”
  • “Internet Explorer 8 crashes once a day on me”
  • “Internet Explorer 8freezes up a lot every day”
  • “Internet Explorer 8 is consuming over 1gb of ram”

You get the idea. But these are not usual IE8 behaviors at all.  If you are experimenting any of these situations, then your IE8 is simply badly installed and it will never work right because of that.


Fortunately there is Fix IE developed by Raghu  Boddu and that what it does is that it will repair Internet Explorer 8 (and 7) by re-registering all the related files IE needs to operate correctly.  This will do that for you without having to worry about doing it manually.

I have already tested with a pc from a relative in XP and Vista. The site says it has been also tested in 7 so it should work good. The app is Portable so you can take it around with you in a USB and it don’t needs installation to run.


Fix IE 1.0 Info        <—Homepage

Fix IE1.0                  <—Direct Download Link





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