09 November 2009

Fix WU Utility 1.0 : In The Case You Need To Fix Windows Update



The only reasons Windows Updates gets to misbehave or gets corrupted is because a bad configuration of past updates or because your OS install got damaged somehow. I have only seen that happening with bad Service Pack upgrades in XP and Vista when it comes to the first case. Windows 7 don’t has this problem yet as SP1 for it is at least 9 months away.


The Fix WU v1.0 app was developed by Ramesh Kumar for The Windows Club and like with most of his latest creations, it is a Portable App. So you can carry it with you in a USB device if you need to. So if you find with a unresponsive or corrupted Windows Update it will reset the proper Dll files (114) until it shows you a dialog box saying:

The process completed successfully.

It works in all the 3 current Windows OSes (XP,Vista & 7) and in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.


Fix Windows Update v1.0       





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