11 November 2009

Flickr .Net Screensaver: Flickr Photos As Windows Screensavers


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I am kinda picky with what i use as wallpapers, but when it comes to screensavers?. The more varied the better. If you agree, you will like what is next.

Flickr .Net Screensaver is a Open Source app developed by Sam Judson that allows you to use Flickr as unlimited screensaver source or also a limited but targeted source of screensavers by using your own flickr account. It uses .NET 2.0 to grab and manipulate the photos from Flickr and serve them up as screensavers in your Windows PC.




Based on the source of choose you can narrow it down by calling photos this two ways:

By User

  1. All
  2. Favorites
  3. Set
  4. Contacts
  5. Tag

By Group

  1. Just group


  1. Recent
  2. Tag
  3. Interestingness (A plus to either of the two options)

You can choose 2 presentation modes right now:


  1. Plain – Simply display the photo, with or without its title and author.
  2. Postcard - gives the photo a colored border and the ability to randomly rotate the image, giving a Polaroid/postcard look to the screensaver.


Final Notes

A very good option of a app if you are a avid Flickr User or Flickr Lurker that will spice up your screensavers variety. A plus if you use can put it at work (just go with your account or a group on that one) or you got a second monitor. 

It works on a 3 Current Windows OSes (XP, Vista & 7)


Flickr .NET Screensaver                <—Project Page


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