30 November 2009

Free PDF Unlocker: PDF Restrictions Remover



Nothing worse to ruin your day if you happen to receive or find a PDF you need and it results that it is restricted to download, to edit, to copy and that in top of that you need to use a password every time you want to see it.

Free PDF Unlocker get rids of all those annoyances for you and do it fast. It is a light single purpose tool that has been around for a while and that works in any Windows OS from 98 to XP out of the box. You can use it in Vista and in 7 but you then need to use it in compatibility mode in order it works correctly and to prevent any possible malfunction.

I remembered this tool recently precisely because i encountered a PDF file that pissed me off with its restrictions. So if you happen to receive a lot of PDF’s, this is a good tool to have around just in case. There are many other PDF restrictions removers but not many that are free and that work in pretty much every Windows OS made in the last 12 years. So for that reason, this one is the one i recommend.

There is also a online version of the same if you don’t want a desktop app.


Free PDF Unlocker         <—Download Page





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