30 November 2009



Feed Readers are still the most efficient way to keep up with the news and with blogs.

The main reason is that you got full control of how often you want your feeds to update, how do you want to read them and in what order. But not all feeds are good for feed readers because some contain SSL Certifications or are password protected. 

I for example use the built in Feed Reader in IE8 + 3 Plugins that enhance it. I use it because in that way is simply the most powerful feed reader and having it integrated to the browser also means i can use my accelerators that let me interact with Windows Live Writer directly from both the IE8 Feed Reader and the browser itself.

But for “legal” reasons IE8 don’t allows you to load up feeds that got certain SSL certificates or that are password protected. This is also the case with many other Desktop Feed Readers. Also a lot of the time password protected feeds lock on suddenly and you need to reenter your password manually and that is just annoying.

The solution here is FreeMyFeed that i have been using for a long time now. You can burn those feeds and get a unlocked version of it that you now can use and enjoy without worries.

What are some examples of useful restricted Feeds?.  E-mail feeds like for example Gmail, from social networks (usually with ssl certificates, a lot of them invalid), from private twitter accounts, custom search engine feeds, etc, etc.

So if you have a problem adding certain feed to your feed reader, FreeMyFeed is the perfect workaround to that.







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