30 November 2009

FreeMyPDF: Online PDF Restrictions Remover



Just like i said before. Nothing worse to ruin your day if you happen to find or receive a PDF you need and the PDF in question is restricted for printing, editing and on top of it needs a password every time you want to read it. While you got a option to unlock a PDF file from your desktop. What if you are not in your computer?.

The best choice would be a Online solution or a Portable App.

FreeMyPDF is a online PDF restriction remover and it can unlock any PDF you are able to read but that comes with restrictions. If one of the restrictions is a password, then you need the password of that file since this is NOT a PDF breaker.

You can upload PDF files up to 7mb in size. Once you do it and a click of a button later, you only need to wait 30 seconds or less for your now unlocked PDF file clone. Download the clone and you are good to go.

A great and handy tool that only peeve is the low file size limit. Other than that it works as advertised.







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