06 November 2009

Microsoft Photo Editor Portable


Microsoft Photo Editor was the default editor that came with Office 97. 2000 and XP edition. But that got discontinued and replaced from Office 2003 and on. If you had Office XP or 2000 and installed Office 2003, it removed MPE and instead installed Microsoft Picture Manager. So if you wanted it back, lets say the workaround is a little bit steep. So instead of that, if you still want it back. You can install and use it via the portable (you can carry it in a USB without installing) version of MSP.


How To Install

Once you download the Zip file, just unload to your Program Files folder, then whenever you want to use it,  just search for it with Windows Search or from your Start Search since it also works in Vista and 7. Just run it in compatibility mode if it is not working correctly and it will run. You can also can go to the install folder and send a shortcut to  your desktop, add it to the start menu or pin it to the taskbar in the case of Windows 7. All possible since the app its signed and got a icon.

Why Would You Want This App Now?

The good thing about MSP is its simplicity and very light in resources from Windows XP standards to now. Also, that unlike MPM, This app can actually edit photos very well.

Even if it has passed over a decade from the debut of Microsoft Photo Editor. It is a simple app that can be used for simple photo editing without depending of Windows Live Gallery or Microsoft Paint. That alone makes it a good little app to have around just in case. More since it is portable and you can carry it around in a USB drive or SD card.

And the best is that it is so easy to use i don’t even have to explain anything of it. If you have used a Windows PC in the last 15 years, You know how to use this app.


Microsoft Photo Editor Info       <—Wikipedia Entry

Microsoft Photo Editor                   <—Download Page


*Update* (20/06/2013):

You can now also alternatively get a Patch that updates MPEP for modern times:

Microsoft Photo Editor Portable Enhancer Patch

*Update* (01/01/2017):

Link file updated




Anonymous said...

Awesome thank you for this wonderful portable app. I've never found anything like MSPhoto Editor that was so easy to use.

M said...

The link is dead, I need this application :)
Thanks a lot in advance!

Unknown said...

Link dead. Any chance of an update ? Please ?

Neil Parsons said...

I've downloaded it but it doesn't work in my PC under Windows 10. Once I make it run, I can't load any image in any form from tools bar or archive menu.

The first thing it happens once I execute this tool, a window box telling me "No file format information can be found in the registry." Then, "Continue".

Next, application opens as always but for some reason it doesn't load any supported image to work/edit it.

I've tried to make it run even with compatibility option (applying XP Service 2 or XP service 3 too, but nothing). Any solution or a patch fow W10 could be in the way?

Anonymous said...

No file format found in registry means you haven't got the MS Office graphics filters installed. They have to be installed from a MS Office CD.


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