16 November 2009

PDC09 Session Browser Windows Gadget



It is PDC time yet again and like every year, it is not just about the keynotes but also about the sessions. Just like last year, sessions videos should be up 12-24hrs after they happen and you will be able to watch them in a Silverlight player or simply download them.

But first you must know how to keep track on them. You could keep track on them from the PDC09 website but that is not efficient enough.




So DotNetSolutions put up a Windows Gadget to browse this year PDC sessions from your desktop and be able to easily keep track of them whenever you feel like. So if you are looking forward to some the PDC09 sessions. This is the way to go.


PDC09 Session Browser Windows Gadget     <—Direct Download Link

via Adam Kinney



*Update* (17/11/09): The PDC09 Session Browser Windows Gadget has been updated and now stays up to date in case of session changes and counts with a search option


Gav said...

You haven't seen anythign yet - now updated to keep up to date with changes to session information and also includes search :-)


Avatar X said...

@Gavin The gadget auto-updates itself or i must change the link?. I will still check it out to update the screenshot then. Thanks for the visit


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