07 November 2009

Photograbber: A Simple Facebook Photo Downloader


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There are simple apps and there are simple single purpose apps. This one belongs to the latter kind. But that is O.K. More when what you need it for is also a single and the app is self explanatory so it barely needs instructions.

Photograbber is just that kind of app. A app to download all your Facebook pictures and albums. It even comes with a 3 single line points. That are all you need to know in order to use it:

In just 3 steps you can download all your tagged pictures...

  1. Choose the download destination
  2. Login to Facebook
  3. Download your photos!

It's that easy!


The app was made by Tommy Murphy and it counts with a Mac version too. The app is portable so you can use it on the go and don’t needs installation. It Works as advertised. Nothing more to know; Enjoy.


Photograbber   <—App info Page

Photograbber for Windows  <—Direct Download Link





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