23 November 2009

Pixel Ruler: A Ruler For Your Windows Desktop

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Pixel Ruler from MioPlanet is a little app that you could say it is universal for Windows OSes since it works from Windows 95 (allegedly) up to Windows 7. And that lets you measure any element in your browser or in your Windows Desktop. There are Browser Plugins that do the same thing. But having a Ruler to start from your desktop and be able to measure anything in it is a lot better than just having it in the Browser.




  • Free and easy to use virtual screen ruler ;
  • Float over your screen ;
  • Work with all applications ;
  • Show measurements in Pixels ;
  • Rotate to horizontal or vertical position ;
  • Maximum of 1300 pixels ;
  • Choose between several skins.

As you can see from the Features list it is got a nice set of functionalities and it happens to be a very tiny app (733kb) that takes barely any resources (5-15mb)

The only issue it got is that it has no actual uninstall function listed in add/remove but you can simple start search it (vista & 7) and click on uninstall or if you are in XP use your Windows Search Deskbar to do the very same thing.

The only thing missing is if it had been a fully Portable App. But even then given its tiny install size, low resources and very good feature set, There is really very little  more you could ask from such a simple  app like Pixel Ruler. Very recommended.


Pixel Ruler Info

Pixel Ruler                   <—Direct Download Link


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