30 November 2009

Rollip: Give Your Photos A Polaroid Effect



Rollip is Online Photo Tool to apply a Polaroid Effect to any photo you upload.  If you need me to explain what is a Polaroid or what is the Polaroid effect, then Rollip is just not for you.


You have 20 different Polaroid effects to choose from and can also add some classic custom frames and decorations that anyone that had a Polaroid Camera will remember as decals and labelers. Remembering that while i played with this photo tool made me feel quite old i must say. But it also made me feel very nostalgic, so Rollip has already archived its purpose.

Rollip is free but it also got a paid option so you can convert a batch of 15 photos in its original size to all 20 effects available for $3 bucks. Something that actually find not only reasonable but cheap since doing the same manually requires you to do 300-500 clicks (converted to time spent in the site would be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes).

So $3 Bucks is what it cost you to not having to do all those 300 clicks manually. I told you it was a OK deal.

I must say that for me it is a nostalgia infuser of the highest order and that alone has made me use it a lot. And once i decide exactly what 15 pictures i would like to see converted, i may also pay for a set. That don’t means you have to, just me saying that i found it a neat photo tool.







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