16 November 2009

Rsizr: A Easy And Versatile Online Image Resizer In Flash


There are many online photo editors now but not that many good online image resizers.

At least not as good as Rsizr. I like everything about it. From the neo-retro 80’s Logo and Look, to the functions and the way you handle the interface while using the app. It is also remarkable to say that it is a very very well optimized Flash app.




Rsizr counts with its own guide to familiarize users with its interface and functions, things i will link to in the end of the post. But you should not need much of them since it is really easy and intuitive to use. Even for those unfamiliar with photo editors or desktop image resizers. You only load up the page, click the folder like above and it will ask you to select a image from your files, load it up and you will be up and running using the app.

You can crop, resize, but you can also retarget by seam carving a photo. This will allow you to change the dimensions of the photo while at the same time preserving its definition.

Can also use that to erase objects from a photograph while at the same time making it look like they never where there to begin with. rsizr got a great example in their guide well worth showing:


                                                            (Original Photo)


                                                      (Seam Carved Photo)

As you can see the retargeted photo preserves the definition of the original photo without any blur while also maintaining a consistent look. Rsizr got a great post on other tricks you can do with retargeting while using the app.

Rsizr  is a good option to use in the case you don’t count with a desktop app to resize a image or you want to handle the files yourself and do a little more than just resize and crop your pictures. Totally recommended app to check out.


Rsizr                                 <—Homepage

Rsizr User Guide

Rsizr Gallery                <—Trick Examples 





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