25 November 2009

Shufs: Search Online File Sharing Sites



Because you never know when you will need/want to search for a file that you know has to be around online but don’t know exactly where to look.

Shufs allows you to search in 10 different online file sharing sites:




  1. Rapidshare
  2. Megaupload
  3. MediaFire
  4. Badongo
  5. zShare
  6. filefactory
  7. 4filehosting
  8. sendspace
  9. turboupload
  10. rapidupload


What it does is to simply automate the process of searching those sites via already implemented Google custom searches for each domain and then apply some filters on that search via a script. Simple and useful for when you need to search for a file for some reason or another. You could do the same if you know how to set the special query in Google but this will save you the time of having to do that too.







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