09 November 2009

Silvester: A Silverlight Twitter Badge For Your Blog



Silverster is a Silverlight based Twitter Widget Badge. You can use it for your blog and it makes for a good option against a Flash based one since it is lighter. Silvester was developed by Emil Stoychev that named it like that in honor a playful word association with Silverlight, Twitter and Tweety, the Looney Toon he did while developing it.

Emil also shows exactly how he build the widget in his blog post if you interested. If you aren’t you can just grab the embed code and put it in your Blog or Site.

The Widget


This the default size and look of the widget, but you can fully customize  it as the embed code allows you to change the size parameters change colors. However if you want to customize the colors of the widget you need to add some code for the color parameters before you embed it.


It makes for a nice option to other Twitter Widgets and a plus if you like Silverlight of course. The widget so far can be seen even in Linux if the user got Moonlight 2 installed.

Silverster          <—Info Page, Guide Of Use, Source Code And More




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