23 November 2009




I am doing this entry because i found this online tool amusing in a somewhat humorous way. If you are wondering why, just look at the header from the site above. You should know that the banner is actually animated too!.

Tag-Cloud-Generator is a service that asks you for your online domain address and in turn will give you a fully automatically generated tag cloud based on posts from your site and each tag will also link to a specific post.

It also lets you customize the look of the tag cloud and once you are ok with how it looks, it gives you the embed code for it. Actually useful right?.

Yes, if it works on the first go. The funny part was sometimes it worked, other times it don’t shows anything and finally at times its idea of tags is extremely loose. you need to use it to see it in action. This and the odd and over the top header make you wonder if it is meant to be funny or not.

This of course will only be useful on websites where all the important links are referenced from the homepage. I tried several domains of very different nature and found out that its main target is simple websites. In those it works as advertised and it offer a nice little service that can save you some time. Otherwise it just produces very random results if you try it in blogs or large websites with lots of content.


Tag-Cloud-Generator    <—The Site is very badly optimized too, so beware.




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