26 November 2009

Task.FM: Online Reminders, GTD Notes And TODO Lists That Can Reach You



Task.FM is a new online reminders service somewhat like Remember The  Milk. The focus of Task.FM is to be able to reach you with this reminders wherever you are via multiple ways. Those can be via E-mail, SMS, Automated Voice Calls. Another good thing is that you can create tasks via Twitter direct messages.




  • natural language input

    don't enter dates and times manually. Save time by speaking in plain english

  • twitter integration

    works with Twitter. Create reminders by sending us a Direct Message.

  • sms, email and voice

    recieve reminders via sms, email, twitter or voice call. Change reminder types with a click

  • add reminders via email

    create reminders directly from any email client. Never leave your inbox

  • groups and contacts

    sending reminders to others is as simple as CC'ing a contact

  • to-do lists

    task.fm includes a built in to-do manager. create unlimited lists

  • tag and search

    add tags to any reminders to search and group. Supports hashtags via twitter and email

  • voice transcription

    create reminders using your voice. Use a toll-free number

About The Service

The main service is online reminders but it can also be used as a GTD Notes tool or as a To-Do Lists tool. While the service big catch are of course SMS reminder alerts and automated voice calls that be used for you alone or to with a group (that you record with your voice via a toll-free number). In order to use these at ease, you need to pay a actually very reasonable fee of 3.99 per month. The figure is super reasonable, even cheap if you are going to use the service for groups and you know that you are going be using it often for awhile.

But the reason why i write about it here is because it got a FREE version that is more than enough if you are going to be using the service for you and maybe a small group that you know reads their e-mail. So it is worth a look on that basis, I would sure use it if were on the move a lot for appointments, person details and of course birthdays.




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