04 November 2009

Tasque: A Simple TODO List App


Ok, i will not sugar coat it. Tasque is not only simple, it is super simple and plain. It is also a companion app to Tomboy . So if you liked Tomboy, you will probably like Tasque. Otherwise it may not be for you.

Having said that, It is good this app is simple since there is not many ways to dress up something as basic as what this app is set to do.

Tasque, phonetically pronounced as “Task”. Lets you separate the things you need to do by category (work, family, personal, project), set them vaguely into the future or set them for a specific date and prioritize the task in a 1 to 3 scale. That is it.

It starts fast, consumes almost nothing of resources and it sits quietly in your windows  system tray only for when you need it.




So simple that the only need to explain is how install it so you can have it:

(If you got a GTK-Sharp build already installed or you did this process already because you got Tomboy, then dismiss it)

Tasque comes in a Zip file in the case of windows so just download, open and save it to your program files folder. It has not been updated in a while so one of the detail they missed is to add a icon for it in the case you want to set it up with a desktop shortcut. Otherwise just search from it from Windows Search (XP) or Start Search(Vista & 7). Tasque works in all current Windows OSes.


Tasque                          <—Homepage

Tasque Guide             <—Detailed Screenshots

Tasque Download     <—Direct Link Download



*Update* (22/02/2010): The direct download link now points to the latest version of Tasque that is 0.1.9



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