25 November 2009

Threadsy: E-mail + Social Networking Meet In A Crossroad



The quickest way to explain Threadsy is to pitch it in a Hollywood agent fashion. In this case is SocialThing Meets Hotmail. SocialThing is/was a Social Network Dynamic Aggregator. It was dynamic because it allowed you to reply directly from it to each specific network via the right account. All the content aggregated just as in the source service  in single stream and all without clashing. All blended in.


The Service

Threadsy got a E-mail like interface with a Social Messaging – Social Networking Module at the right side. That also makes me think in the Silverlight AOL Mail prototype from lots of months back. Just that Threadsy is all Ajax.

It has evolved very fast in the last month or so and the looks has been refined a lot. The first time i saw it i actually disliked it a bit. Now it is just a bit puzzling but got a dazzling look.

Threadsy focus is aggregating both all your Email accounts and all your Online Social Streams into Two Columns. One is a stream for the aggregated E-mail and one is for the Aggregated Social Streams from Twitter and Facebook (at this moment but it seems the plan is to add LinkedIn and MySpace too).

You can use multiple accounts of each social service. If you want it to be about Your E-mail + Your two or three Twitter accounts, you can have it like that. You want to add your Facebook into the Mix?. You can.

Each social supported service is a fully featured client and in the case of your aggregated E-mail stream Threadsy does some special things with it like recognizing and marking e-mails with the site or social service the come from. So if the e-mail links to or comes from recognized service/site it will add the domain icon to better identify it or in the case of social networks, if the e-mail is a notification of a reply from twitter or facebook, it will render the e-mail as a reply from the service as you would see it in the Social Streams Module.


  • 'It is very well designed
  • It is very well supported across browsers
  • It works very well
  • It is not resource intensive
  • It got good features


  • I think that the inclusion of a Meebo IM bar is a huge mistake since it clutters the experience and it is distracting to the focus of the service.
  • While it does a good job with converging E-mail with your Social Streams, Sometimes the question is if you want both together or not. If you don’t then why i cannot simply use the Dynamic Social Aggregator?. And if i may like only the Dynamic  E-mail Aggregator, it is truly better than Outlook, Live Mail, Evolution or Thunderbird?
  • Why to have it if there are ways to bring your Social Streams to Your E-mail via Outlook plugins or via Gmail Gadgets in Gmail?.
  • You can also already aggregate all your e-mail from multiple accounts in any of the 3 main E-mail providers.


In my case i think it is not really for me since i feel the Cons outweigh the Pros from where i stand. Maybe is also because i am not really a standard user and because i already have seen several services trying to dynamically aggregate e-mail and failing at it in the long run. Also because i had a expectation that Threadsy could be a SocialThing replacement, since SocialThing  never got well developed. For me Threadsy should have concentrated in being the replacement of SocialThing or competing with Seesmic or Brizzly instead of trying to bridge two kinds of content that sometimes should not be mixed and that are a very big task to do in a way that offers more value than E-mail Desktop clients or the already very capable online E-mail services.

I do see how this proposition can be attractive to heavily Social Media geared users and for everyone who the E-mail part don’t needs to be fully featured and throughout. But then how many users like that can threadsy really get and if that is the kind of user that it needs, then there is not going to be much of a hope for it to have really good traction.  But i hope that Threadsy proves me wrong by the time they launch in full force from Private Beta


If you feel curious about Threadsy or completely disagree with me and want a invite just reply to this post with your E-mail in this format:


So it looks like this:   AvatarX(At)Live(Dot)com






Charnita F. said...

Hey Threadsy looks pretty neat! I'll take an invite :D You already have my email.

Avatar X said...

Done Charnita. Sent to your Gmail.


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