16 November 2009

ToDo List: A Simple And Persistent TODO WPF App




ToDo List is a small portable open source WPF app that only does a single thing and tries to do it right: Reminding you of stuff to do.  It archives that very well by being as persistent as it can and by not taking much space. It pretty much looks like a Windows Gadget in the form of a Notepad sheet.


You can unlock it or lock it, it works in all current Windows OSes, It can start up with windows, it comes with its icon so you can set it up in a folder and carry out the icon to the desktop. The only thing you need to run it is to have .NET 3.5 SP1 So you should have this if you are already in Windows 7 and you should only check that out in Vista and XP


If you were looking for a better TODO app then you should go with Tasque. But if you want something very simple and persistent. This is a good choice. I will update this post whenever the app updates.


ToDo List  <—Project Page




Unknown said...

new version is available on codeplex

Avatar X said...

@Onat: Great! will update this post accordingly. Thanks for stopping by to give me the heads up.


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