20 November 2009

ToDoList: THE Personal Task Manager



I was asked to post more TODO apps and the person who asked me said he wanted something truly featured. So i now got just what he and maybe you could want when i found out about ToDoList from AbstractSpoon Software. That from what i read has been in development for 6 years now.

It makes Tasque looks as simple as a PostIt Desktop Widget. So it should suffice to anyone looking for a truly featured TODO app. I even cringe on calling it that since it is more of a Personal Task Manager. So don’t blame me if it is too featured!.


ToDoList is a task management tool that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clean and intuitive user experience. ToDoList has been in continuous development for nearly 6 years and is an ongoing project. Tasklists are stored in XML which provides many opportunities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets. ToDoList's flexible design makes it ideal for both IT related projects as well as more general GTD uses.

Here is the Quick View:


Right from the Installation Dialogues it is evident that you are about get a very featured application, why?. It gives you lots of settings choices




1.-It starts by asking you if you want to store your program settings in the Windows Registry or a ini file. it is better to got with the ini file so that is the suggestion it gives. If you are sure you are going to be using it for awhile then it is ok to choose the Windows Registry option. The second choice is if you want to share, ToDoList lets you share your lists to a server if you want. If that is not in your mind right from when you install it then leave it unselected.




2.-It continues by giving you a list of all the specifications the app supports, it got 28 specifications you can add to manage your task lists, it comes with 11 as the standard selection.




3.-It finally lets you decided if you want the simple version or the standard version of the interface and wants to show you a sample Task List so you get a better idea of how you are supposed to be using it. Leaving the suggested options is recommended.

The Interface



This is the Standard view of ToDoList and if you suddenly feel you are seeing a project manager app that fell from Office 2003 is because it is almost as if it was. But don’t worry you can make it EVEN MORE featured because it accepts plugins too and it will suggest you to add some when the occasion arises.




Maybe a look to the general interface is not really enough for you to get just how featured it really is. But if the preferences window don’t gives that away then i don’t know what to do. Lots and lots of options so you can tweak the software to your liking.


I think that ToDoList may be TOO MUCH for the average user and even to most Power Users, but if you happen to be in IT and Software Development or maybe you got OCD then this is a app that will please you to no end. Fully recommended. Also excuse me if i don’t give you a Review of this but i would have then ended up with a 3000 words long post. So this quick view will have to suffice for you to form your opinion.

If you are worrying about being to complicated to learn it right away. Don’t be, because it even got a Wiki with everything you could possible need to know to not just use but use it right.

ToDoList can be installed in the 3 current Windows OSes (XP, Vista & 7) and It does run in WINE if you want to have it on Linux  


ToDoList Info

ToDoList               <---Direct Download Link

ToDoList Wiki





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