25 November 2009

Tomboy Updates With 1.0.1 And 1.1.0




Tomboy was one of the very first apps i wrote about here in Appatic. The reason being that i really like the app and it is one of the apps i use every single day. I had forgot to do an update post on Tomboy latest releases. So here it is :

The Updates

1.0.1 Is the latest stable release and it is mainly a bug/error fixing release with a single new feature that comes off as Ubuntu One support. Ubuntu One is Canonical  (Ubuntu Linux parent company) version of Dropbox. Support for it allows you to synchronize your Tomboy notes on various desktops if you are a Ubuntu user.

Version 1.0.1 

  • Adds support for Ubuntu One and others using OAuth 1.0a (#594046, Rodrigo Moya)
  • Show correct help version on Windows and Mac (#601067, Stefan Cosma)
  • Always show icons for note items in recent notes menu (#590653)
  • Other fixes: #596416, #596395
  • Translation updates: ca, et, ja, lv, pl, ro, ru

1.1.0 is the latest dev (beta) release and it includes various bug fixes for Windows, the most important one being that it fixes Printing. So now you can finally print directly from Tomboy in all of the 3 current Windows OSes  (XP, Vista & 7)

Version 1.1.0

  • Adds support for Ubuntu One and others using OAuth 1.0a (#594046, Rodrigo Moya)
  • Fix printing in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (#576554)
  • Various Windows bug fixes (#585297, #601067, #599688, Stefan Cosma)
  • Adds CreateNamedNoteWithUri method to dbus interface (#580525, Matt Jones)
  • Adds dbus methods for working with notebooks (#576329, Clemens Buss)
  • Always show icons for note items in recent notes menu (#590653)
  • Adds Sync menu item to panel applet (#597569)
  • Stop cutting off message text in the Sync dialog (#553615)
  • Other fixes: #596416, #596395, #597139
  • Translation updates: ca, id, it, lv, nb, pl, ro, sl

While the 1.1.0 is a Beta release it is the one i would recommend you to upgrade to since it is the ones that actually comes with new features for Windows and there is a very noticeable performance and startup improvement. Tomboy now starts in 5 to 10 seconds and consumes 15-30mb of ram memory overall.

The same instructions remain for its installation

Other Tomboy News

It looks like the date for Tomboy to get a Online Counterpart Service is very close now and the site looks great in some Mockups that are being contemplated for it:



I hope it indeed ends up looking like this because the design is very good and simple. The good thing about the online service is that it will not only synchronize your notes but will allow you to storage them, share them and create them from the service. I look forward to seeing up and running.


Tomboy 1.0.1           <—Direct Download Link

Tomboy 1.1.0           <—Direct Download Link


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