30 November 2009

WallpaperX 1.0: Automatic Windows Wallpaper Changer



WallpaperX is a .NET 3.0 app to change your Windows Wallpapers automatically.


The app is the first release of more to come according to its developer Murasaki55.


  • -allows auto changing of wallpapers in a given time interval specified by the user
  • -set your wallpaper in 5 different scales: Fill, Fit, Tile, Center, Stretch
  • -SmartFit scaling feature allows the auto selection of scaling from 5 different scaling
  • -tray icon allows easy access on configuring your wallpapers and enabling/disabling auto changing
  • -easy to use interface


Some Notes

The best thing about it is that you can use it as a better way to manage large sets of windows wallpapers and that given its nice set of features and the promise that it will continue to get updated in the foreseeable future. That should make it a prime choice for you to consider using it.

More if you are used to personally manage and set exactly what you want as a wallpaper.

Even if set to be changed automatically. It is not the same to control the rooster of what is going to be shown that using another app that sets something at random. This is a app for those that like control and are used to dedicate a little bit of time in managing their Windows Wallpapers.

WallpaperX can be used in Windows  XP, Vista and 7.


WallpaperX Info

WallpaperX                 <—Direct Download Link





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