04 November 2009

XP Quick Fix Plus: A Windows XP Problems Quick Fix Collection


If you happen to be a Windows XP power users and you got a problem. It is very likely that you know how to fix it.  But what about if you do support for your Family or you are not a Windows XP Power User?. Well, then you just need XP Quick Fix Plus.


It is a nifty collection of 46 Quick Fixes to Windows XP problems that are automatically applied to XP so you don’t have to do it yourself manually. Very useful because it is also a Portable App and that means you can take it everywhere in a USB drive.

40 quick fixes are to the Registry and 6 are so you can apply them to the command line. Just that the app does it for you and you just supervise it.

This great Windows XP utility comes from Leelu Soft.


XP Quick Fix Plus     <—Download Link

Leelu Soft                    <—Blog




froz said...

Windows xp quick fix plus is a tiny portable application that presents 40 quick fixes arranged in a push-button chart.XP Quick Fix Plus will patch the registry key for the problem you're having and can get things back in working order..


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