06 November 2009

Zune HD Wallpaper Development Kit



If you have a Zune HD and want to spice it up with your own custom wallpapers, read on:

The Zune HD Wallpaper Development Kit is a little package you can use in Photoshop, Gimp or Paint.Net (with a plugin). There is also a transparent png if you don’t count with none of the 3 programs or you are not familiar with them. This  allows you to create better custom wallpapers for the Zune HD. It was put up together by Graham Skee over at the Anything But Ipod Forums.


There is very full guide and set of resources at the specific location in the linkage section of this post, so no need to repost them here since you have to go over there anyway. But the results with the packages look to be quite satisfactory.



Zune HD WDK support     <—Guide And Resources 

Zune HD WDK                       <—Direct Download


via Inside The Circle





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