07 December 2009

AM-DeadLink: Detect And Remove Dead Links From Your Bookmarks



AM-DeadLink is a nifty little utility for the only goal to help you remove dead links from your browsers bookmarks. Because if you are like me you got thousands of local bookmarks even if you later sync them online, they are there.

So when you get to certain amount of Bookmarks, managing if you still need old bookmarks or not is a pain. That is where this little tool should help to make things easier and a lot faster for you.


There is not really much else about it, it is also not a “pretty” app but its usefulness is big enough to let that slide. You can use it in every Windows OS from Windows 98 to Windows 7. But in the case of Vista & 7 it may be better to run in compatibility mode, if you see it is not working right the very first time you launch it.


AM-DeadLink Info        <—Homepage

Am-DeadLink                 <—Direct Download Link 





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