10 December 2009

Capture A Screenshot: A Basic Screen Snipping Tool For XP



With XP there is a constant tryout of Snipping Tools because XP didn’t came with one in the form of a integrated accessory app. This of course came by default with Vista and was improved a little bit in Windows 7. So if you got a XP it is more than likely you have a third party desktop snipping tool. Capture-A-Screenshot is one of the definitive classic ones.


It is basic, small, minimal and to the point. You got choices for:

  • Entire Screen
  • Active Window
  • Selection

Plus the optional features of specifying which path you are going to save to and what name you are going to give the capture. That is it. The reason you may like it is precisely because it is so simple and because it so light (670k). A good option to try if you got a XP based Netbook.


Capture A Screenshot Info            <--Homepage

Capture A Screenshot                     <—Direct Download Link





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