04 December 2009

ClocX: A Super Featured Widget Like Alarm Clock With Reminders And A Calendar For Windows.



ClocX is the perfect example of a multi-purpose tool disguised and a single-purpose one that at first look seems like the most simple thing. This is of course a Lie. While ClocX looks almost as if it was a random Windows Gadget, It is a super featured but super light multi-purpose Alarm Clock.

Another good example of what i cite above would be my almost too long title for this very post.

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ClocX is one of the Apps i actually use on a daily basis because it is so well thought out and yet so extremely light in resources that until now i have not found anything that can replace it.




It is a full desktop app that behaves like a small windows desktop gadget


Just by sound, With Alarm Window Reminders, App Trigger, Shutdown Trigger.


No thrills, No Frills, just a simple calendar included

4.-Super Light

Uses 5-15mb of Ram

5.-Super Customizable

Skinnable, Resizeable and Transparency Capable

6.-Super Controllable

You can Pin it, Lock it,Make it Float, Adapt it to low resolutions or Multiple Monitors

7.-Super Compatible

You can use it in Any Windows OS made in the last 15 years:  95,98, 2000,ME,XP, Vista and Windows 7. Full feature set only from 2000 and up. You can also use it in 64bit versions of XP, Vista and Windows 7 and if that was not enough it comes in 30 different languages. So it is safe say that this is pretty much a “UNIVERSAL” Windows Desktop app.


Some Notes

What i can say is that to me it is one of the best Alarm Clock apps for Windows ever ever. That is the reason i had to post about it here, since i personally have been using it for years. One of the reasons and that don’t appears here explained further is because it can run multiple instance of itself and you can also set multiple Alarm task and add a different reminder to each Alarm task. I also must specially recommend it for netbooks or laptops as it is a great way to manage time while you are working.

The only bad thing about it is that it is not in active development anymore and that is a real shame because the last thing the developer was adding was the idea of making it extensible via plugins. I can only imagine how even more awesome it would have been if he had added a Skins and Plugins gallery. But even then it comes included with lots of skins and if you don’t find them enough you can grab the skins and customize them yourself and create your own skins without any problem. Super recommended Windows Desktop app.


ClocX Info               <—Home Page

ClocX Resources    <—Download Page

ClocX                     <—Direct Download Link




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