09 December 2009

Fix WMP 1.0: In The Case You Need To Fix Windows Media Player


There is always a lot of hollering about alternate WMP options, but the truth of the matter is that you can also Mod Windows Media Player with plugins, themes and codec packs of all kinds. The amount of power  it can reach really has to do with what Windows OS you are running. XP version is not as powerful as the one from Vista even if they are the “same” version. Windows 7 of course triumphs all WMP versions in what it does by default and what can be pushed to do.

But if you are indeed a WMP power user, then you know that sometimes you do something wrong and cripple it and leave it inoperable. There are of course the cases when the failure comes from root-kits and media based malware files that can make WMP to die on you.


The Windows Club is now putting a end to you having to uninstall, clean, reboot and reinstall sessions by releasing Fix WMP 1.0. Like the other Fixer Apps from them, Fix WMP 1.0 is a portable app you can use to fix a app without having to reinstall (rebooting is still recommended).  You can use it in XP, Vista  & Windows 7.

So if you are getting WMP errors or you know you broke it. This is the recommended app to repair that.


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