21 December 2009

HootMonitor: Website Uptime Monitor With Downtime Alerts

*Update* (09/03/11): This service has been shutdown by its creator and it is no longer in service. For something somewhat similar to it check out DownOrNot.


HootMonitor is a online service that can Monitor the uptime of your Websites or Blogs and send you a E-mail or Tweet (or both) to Alert you in the case any of them goes down.

This can be specially useful for anyone that is Hosting their website or their blog. I can think specially of Wordpress users since these can go down not only if your host goes down but if you database happens to fail for any reason, your blog has been hit by large amounts of traffic very suddenly (and your blog then fails for some reason) or your blog just got attacked by someone (wordpress specific attacks are now common).

But it don’t has to end there, anyone with a website or a blog elsewhere like Blogger, TypePad,etc can benefit from monitoring the uptime as this can tell you more about your Host or your blog platform reliability.

Hootmonitor best advantage is that you can login without the need of registering via Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Open ID. Pretty much the only big ID provider missing is Live ID. But those 5 are very well enough to ensure you can login into the service right away.


Once you have logged on you got 2 service versions with 2 different feature sets:


  • Sites per account    3
  • Check frequency (mins)   60
  • HTTPS support
  • Simple Stats
  • E-mail Downtime Alert
  • Tweet Downtime Alert


  • Sites per account    15
  • Check frequency (mins)   15
  • HTTPS support
  • Basic HTTP auth support
  • User-agent selection
  • Detailed stats
  • Monthly report
  • RSS feed
  • Page keyword search
  • E-mail Downtime Alert
  • Tweet Downtime Alert
  • SMS Downtime Alert

The Free version is more than enough for most cases. But if you got a blog network or you are a webmaster that needs to be alert anyway of a lot of websites from many clients, then the paid version is a considerable time and money saver depending the nature of the blogs and websites you are running.

I liked Hootmonitor and it is something that i was actually looking so i can keep a eye on Appatic and Bloggeratto. So if you got a blog, it is worth a try.



*Update* (09/03/11): This service has been shutdown by its creator and it is no longer in service. For something somewhat similar to it, check out DownOrNot.





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