09 December 2009

Meizu M8 Theme Builder

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Unlike what the constant diatribe most of the Big Gadget Blogs usually spew about the Meizu M8, it is actually a nice alternative smartphone. I got the chance to handle one since a guy i know somehow had got his hands on one now that they come with Wi-Fi. It is a good device, there are actually over a thousand apps for the device and it is a popular device in its natal taiwan.

The difference with this chinese device is that the materials and the OS base got the same kind of quality you can expect from major brands. Being honest the Meizu M8 with its WinCE 6.0 based OS got beat most Symbian and LG or Samsung Custom OSes based smartphones very easily. The Meizu is going to get its own App Store soon and it should provide lots of good stuff for those that have got one or that would like to get one.


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Meizu M8 Theme Builder is a Open Source .NET 3.5 app that will let you do better themes for the Meizu M8 that can be used and reused multiple times. If you got a M8, it is really a great app to have.  It will let you customize in a very easy way the main screen, the call screen and the standby screen.

But the developer in the project assures he will do more releases and that these will allow for a lot more customization. Right now there is a 2.0 stable release and a 2.5 beta release to choose from.


Meizu M8 Theme Builder Info     <—Project Page

Meizu M8 Theme Builder              <—Download Page





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