03 December 2009

Memorari: A Express Online Personal Reminders Service



Memorari is a Online Reminder Gateway. There is no registration required, no transitions or even a Ad to see. It is ready to use once the page has loaded.


The service offers you a way to enter a reminder that you can set up to reach you as soon as in 15 minutes or choose to send it as far as 2 years in the future if you feel inclined.

After you set the time you need to set how do you want to receive the reminder. The options are:

  1. SMS (charges could apply on your side)
  2. E-mail (Any Provider)
  3. IM (Live, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Gtalk and Jabber)

Finally you just enter your Reminder (160 character limit if you choose SMS, otherwise 320 characters) and click remember.


It will show you this confirmation message once it has saved the message if you choose E-mail or SMS. If you choose IM it will say that a authorization request has been sent. You will see it like this once you log in:


You obviously need to authorize it if you want to receive your memorari reminders. Now you only need to wait for whenever you have set your reminder to reach you.

I tested Memorari via E-mail and IM with Windows Live and everything worked out ok.


It really could not be faster and easier to use. I think it is one of the best basic online reminders i have ever seen. I would actually like if  Memorari offered a ad supported service with accounts that could let you have a reminders history and send the personal reminders to multiple destinations. It would also be nice to have a option to send the reminders to twitter as direct messages or mentions.

Memorari is simple of the best ways to send yourself personal reminders and do it the fastest way possible.







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