20 December 2009

Picasa Downloader: A Simple Picasa Album Downloader

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Downloading Picasa Albums in bulk is something that is not straight forward and simple. Many people use Picasa without really liking it because they got a Blogger Blog. Many don’t like the Picasa Desktop because it overlaps with Windows Live Photo Gallery and adding Picasa Support in WLPG is merely a case of adding a Plugin. So if you are using Picasa Web Albums and you are just interested in Downloading your Albums at any time…

Picasa Downloader is a Open Source .NET 2.0 based App that got the single purpose of letting you download your Picasa Albums in one go. All without you needing to have Picasa Desktop installed.


What you see in the picture above is everything you need to know and see. You put the username of your Picasa Account ID, click list and it will list your Picasa Albums, you only need to click download and off you go.

That is all. No thrills, frills, or dazzle to be found in this app, but what it is set to do it does very well. It is also very light in resources and stable. Can be used in Windows XP, Vista or 7.


Picasa Downloader Info       <—Project Homepage

Picasa Downloader                 <—Direct Download Link





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