21 December 2009

SendShots: A Quick Way To Share Private Video Messages Online


SendShots is a way for you to record private video messages with your webcam and microphone without you having to do it offline.


The concept here is to save you time. Because if you only got a integrated webcam and mic, then it also means you can record a video, but then you need to upload it online and share it with the default software you may have for it. SendShots point is that you record your video message online and then it will help you share it by sending  a video link for the video to whoever you want to see it via e-mail. It is a simple Flash based app and this is all it does.


A nice single-purpose tool if you got a netbook with cam and you just want to send a simple video message without you wanting to record it locally.






Anonymous said...

Awesome! I needed something like this! No more ecards! :) All video messaging for me now!


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